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It’ll Reportedly Be Years Before The X-Men Make Their Way To The MCU

Disney and Fox's merger is official, but what about the mutants?

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Dark Phoenix's Jessica Chastain Told Sophie Turner To Stand Up For Herself To Co-Star

Who would dare mess with Sansa Stark/Jean Grey in the first place?

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If Marvel Retconned X-Men For The MCU, I Wouldn't Shed A Tear

I'd be more than fine with Marvel dumping the X-Men and starting fresh.

X-Men: Dark Phoenix International Trailer Finally Shows Us Some Cool Space Action
Anna Paquin Has Never Seen X-Men: Days Of Future Past

While X-Men fans were happy to see so many familiar faces in one movie, one major mutant got left on the cutting room floor: Anna Paquin's Rogue.

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Dark Phoenix Director Explains The Movie’s Delay

Delays have given the fandom pause for concern, although director/producer Simon Kinberg recently addressed the decision to push back Dark Phoenix.

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The Dark Phoenix Trailer Just Spoiled A Massive X-Men Death

Dark Phoenix opens in theaters on June 7. Will it be a proper farewell for this version of the X-Men?

Anya Taylor-Joy Doesn't Seem To Know When The New Mutants Will Release Either

Will The New Mutants actually make that August release date?

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X-Men Producer Really Wanted An All-Female Team Movie

Producer Lauren Shuler Donner has worked on every single installment in the X-Men franchise, but there's one movie she never got around to making: X-Women.

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Bummer, One X-Men Character Won’t Appear In Dark Phoenix

While Dark Phoenix is full of familiar faces, there's one badass mutant missing.

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Daniel Radcliffe Laughs Off Those Wolverine Rumors

With Disney and Fox's merger coming ever closer, the odds of a replacement Wolverine seems all the more likely. But Daniel Radcliffe doesn't seem to be taking rumors and theories about playing the mutant very seriously.

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See What Daniel Radcliffe Could Look Like As Marvel's Wolverine

Does Skele-Gro work if your bones are adamantium?

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X-Men Producer Reveals One Big Challenge Facing Marvel As It Takes On The Fox Characters

Fans are eager to see the X-Men finally join the MCU proper, although there are a few challenges to making this move happen.

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What Is Fox Thinking About Doing With Wolverine?

What's up next for the clawed mutant?

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Deadpool 2 Is Now The Highest Grossing X-Men Movie

Someone give the Merc with the Mouth a chimichanga for his latest accomplishment!

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Don’t Worry, The Kitty Pryde Movie Isn’t Dead

Deadpool director Tim Miller didn't return for the sequel, but he reportedly pivoted to begin developing a spinoff movie for Kitty Pryde aka Shadowcat

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A Tom Cruise Wolverine Movie Would Make 'A Billion Dollars,' Kevin Smith Says

Wolverine wasn't the only comic book suggestion for Tom Cruise, but it was Kevin Smith's favorite.

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Nicholas Hoult Doesn't Make A Big Deal About Working With Ex Jennifer Lawrence On X-Men Set
X-Men in Movies
Could The New Mutants Actually End Up On Hulu?

The New Mutants has been denied a number of times, so what's next?

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HeroBlend #38: Glass Spoiler Review And Spider-Man: Far From Home Trailer Reactions

Welcome to HeroBlend #38! Join Eric and Adrienne as they give their...animated and spoiler-filled Glass reviews, reactions to the Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer and discuss superhero movies during this year's awards season!

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