Hobbs And Shaw Trailer Has Dwayne Johnson Take On A Helicopter With  His Bare Hands
Movie Trailer
New Child's Play Trailer Will Make You Rethink Your Smart Home

We finally get to see the killer doll in action.

Movie Trailer
Dark Phoenix Final Trailer Shows Off New, Dark Powers For Jean Grey

She has risen from the ashes, as something... darker.

Movie Trailer
Netflix's The Perfection Trailer Welcomes Get Out's Allison Williams Back To Horror

Allison Williams brings all of her creepiness from Get Out to her role in Netflix's wild looking The Perfection.

Movie Trailer
The Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker Trailer Is Here, And It Just Revealed A Major Character Return

It's finally here, folks! Our first look at Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker!

Movie Trailer
Netflix's Wine Country Trailer Reunites SNL's Funniest Ladies For Day Drinking

Amy Poehler has assembled a hilarious cast for her directorial debut.

Movie Trailer
The Lion King Official Trailer Adds Some Humor To Simba’s Stunning Savanna

The Lion King is an epic story, but it also leaves you with a smile, and so does the new trailer.

Movie Trailer
Stuber Trailer Has Dave Bautista And Kumail Nanjiani On A Funny, Wild Ride
Movie Trailer
New Detective Pikachu Trailer Shows Off Gyarados And Mewtwo

The first live-action Pokémon movie is bringing the heavy hitters.

Movie Trailer
My Spy Trailer: Watch Dave Bautista Show A Kid How To Be A Secret Agent

Dave Bautista’s latest badass character has met his match in the form of a precocious adolescent.

Movie Trailer
First Joker Trailer: Joaquin Phoenix Is Here To Freak You Out

The Clown Prince Of Crime is getting an origin story, and the first look is finally here.

Movie Trailer
Netflix's Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil, And Vile Trailer Is Surprisingly Murder-Free

The trailer for the serial killer movie manages to be dark and creepy without showing any of the actual crimes.

Movie Trailer
New Avengers: Endgame Trailer Has Iron Man And Captain America Facing Thanos
Movie Trailer
The Dead Don’t Die Trailer: Watch Bill Murray Face The Zombie Apocalypse (Again)

This time around, Bill Murray gets to take a more hands-on approach dealing with the undead.

Movie Trailer
Final Pet Semetary Trailer Is All About Creepy Kids
Movie Trailer
Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark Trailer Is Going To Totally Invade Your Nightmares

The horror boom is already proving to have some crazy strength in 2019, with titles like Us, Pet Sematary, and Happy Death Day 2U getting some nice buzz and heat - but these scary treats aren't going to be limited to the first half of the year.

Movie Trailer
The Tomorrow Man Trailer: John Lithgow As An Obsessive Doomsday Prepper

Check out this first look at the indie romance, starring two new lovers in the twilight of their lives and the doomsday bunker one is obsessed with maintaining.

Movie Trailer
New Angry Birds 2 Trailer Has Birds And Pigs Teaming Up

When it comes to Angry Birds, most people are familiar with the general premise. This changes all that.

Movie Trailer
New Toy Story 4 Trailer Shows Buzz Flying And Rex Panicking

There's quite a few quotable lines already surfacing thanks to this newly released UK Toy Story 4 trailer.

Movie Trailer
Netflix’s The Perfect Date Trailer Has Noah Centineo Renting Himself Out To Girls
Movie Trailer
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