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If you consider yourself a fan of either TV or film, then chances are you’ve probably heard of Christian Slater. The veteran actor is known for a number of notable productions, whether it be his big-screen debut in 1985’s The Legend of Billie Jean or for his turn as the titular character in the acclaimed series Mr. Robot. The actor has become somewhat of a pop culture staple, so much so that Chris Evans’ recent tweet about his love of the actor went viral. Although getting a shoutout from Captain America didn’t earn Slater a place in the Marvel family, it now seems he’ll be joining the Star Wars universe for a new Disney+ project.

Lucasfilm has been keeping Star Wars fans covered with plenty of content on Disney+, with The Mandalorian arguably being the biggest draw. However, the studio has also satisfied the appetites of those looking for animated fare, including The LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special. Well, Lucasfilm and Disney+ are now keeping the holiday trend going, as they’ve announced LEGO Star Wars Terrifying Tales, a dark side-centric Halloween special.

According to the official synopsis, the story will follow star pilot and Resistance leader Poe Dameron (voiced by Jake Green) and lovable droid BB-8 after the events of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. The duo will find themselves on the Volcanic planet of Mustafar (which Revenge of the Sith fans should be familiar with), where they discover that a member of the Hutt family is transforming Darth Vader’s former compound into a Sith-themed resort. Of course, this is a Halloween special and, as such, the two Resistance members, Graballa the Hutt and new friend Van will be treated to three spine-tingling, dark side stories courtesy of Darth Vader’s assistant, Vaneé.

So you’re probably wondering where Christian Slater fits into LEGO Star Wars Terrifying Tales story. Well, he’s confirmed to be playing a character named Ren, though no further details were given on the role. But it is possible that Ren is someone viewers will meet through the aforementioned stories. It’s only speculation at this point but, through the cast list, we do know for sure that we can expect to see the returns of Darth Vader (voiced by Matt Sloan) and Emperor Palpatine (voiced by Trevor Devall). And it sounds like there’s also a deeper mystery at play in the story. To get an idea of what the special is going for, check out the teaser poster down below:

Star Wars Terrifying Tales poster

The LEGO Star Wars brand has been one of the most beloved aspects of the wide-reaching franchise for years now. Fans like myself have come to appreciate the lighthearted humor and fun that comes with the brand’s unique take on the galaxy far, far away. And it’s not always about humor, either. In fact, the holiday special actually broke new ground for Star Wars as a whole by introducing time travel and multidimensional madness. You can see how things played out in that special by streaming it on Disney+, which you can sign up for using this link.

While we’ll still have to see a bit more to get a feel for the special, Christian Slater is definitely a solid addition to the cast and the Star Wars franchise as a whole. It would’ve honestly have been nice to see him join the live-action side but, at the very least, there’s a greater chance that this project will truly allow him to flex his comedic muscles.

You’ll be able to hear Chrstian Slater at work when LEGO Star Wars Terrifying Tales hits Disney+ on October 1st.

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