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With "Elseworlds," The CW's Arrow-verse is going harder than ever on giving fans remixed versions of the familiar heroes (and possibly villains). We've already been fairly creeped out watching Stephen Amell's Barry Allen locking lips with Iris, but Supergirl's first look at the big crossover offers up a more emotional twist. Check out how Kara's relationship with Alex is going to get complicated.

When I said complicated, I guess I really meant "eradicated," since Alex no longer seems to be feeling much of a kinship with her sis...new prisoner. This clearly has to do with the mysterious circumstances that set off the "Elseworlds" divergence, and isn't just Alex playing an April Fool's Day prank. (Supergirl just celebrated Thanksgiving, so April 1 is still a long ways away.)

In any case, this brief-but-powerful clip provides one of our first looks at how the "Elseworlds" storyline is going to affect the Supergirl characters. By all means, it's understandable why the creative team chose to strike up this imbalance between the non-biological sisters. As important as keeping Earth's citizens safe is to Kara, so is her connection with Alex, and any family ties she still has left.

When Alex swings that hand around all sarcastically like that, though, I can't help but think that Kara would briefly like to smack all that smugness right out of the room.

Beyond Kara and Alex, Superman will be swooping into the crossover chaos for the first time, so maybe he'll first be called in to break Kara out of her cell. Of course, that's assuming that Superman isn't on the same wavelength that Alex is, and that he'd even want to save her in the first place. Be a good cousin, bro.

Tyler Hoechlin's Man of Steel will also get to mix it up with The Flash and Green Arrow, among others, and he'll do at least some of it wearing the black Superman outfit, which looks pretty sweet. Acting opposite a real-life Superman threw The Flash's Grant Gustin for a loop, so we can probably expect things to go in some enjoyably bonkers directions. (And somehow without Legends of Tomorrow involved.)

While the exact details are still being shrouded in secrecy, it's been revealed that Jeremy Davies' John Deegan will be up to no good in Gotham City when he starts rewriting reality. He'll be the source of the "Elseworlds" spin on things, and his reach will apparently make it all the way to Earth-38 and presumably beyond.

The crossover is also giving us Lois Lane, Batwoman, more from Gotham City and only the Arrow-verse's powers that be know what else is on the way. Stay tuned for The Flash kicking "Elseworlds" off on Sunday, December 9, at 8:00 p.m., with Arrow and Supergirl following on successive nights.

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