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The Strain Kevin Durand

Last Week on The Strain, Herr Eichorst and his suicide bombers seemed to have struck a huge blow against the human race. With morale in question, our heroes were in a pretty tight spot without any real ideas as to how to move forward. Tonight, the road to victory may have been paved a little finer, as some big discoveries were made on the physical and strategic fronts.

Strategy wise, we saw that Fet unraveled the fact that the newly decentralized Strigoi are headquartered in a nest below Central Park. After digging their own new tunnels thanks to some vampire construction crews, the Master's former minions have been able to re-infiltrate the safe zones cleaned out by the Safe Streets Initiative. If the preview for next week is any indication, it looks like Central Park will be our setting for next week's festivities, with Gus possibly reuniting with our crew of hunters.

Meanwhile, in the labs of Goodweather and Velders, a development has been made that might help push humanity back into the win column. Apparently, microwave radiation is somewhat effective in blocking the communications between Strigoi, though not as effective as Eph and Dutch would have hoped. With a close call involving a lock picking vamp, our scientists unfortunately went back to square one, as the biological systems of the Strigoi involved have found a way around the microwave interference. Perhaps, with some trial and error, a newer weapon could be forged in the name of destruction.

But perhaps the greatest asset to the cause is the new-found alliance between Professor Setrakian and Eldritch Palmer. Since Palmer'son the outs with The Master, and serving only as much as he's needed, his health is fading quickly. Without The Master's blood, we've seen Palmer go from a virile servant in Season 2 to a weakened familiar in Season 3. The deal is simple: Setrakian will provide his age-defying formula derived from Strigoi worms, if Palmer can find out who the new Master is. How long this unholy pairing will last is anyone's guess, but for the moment, a dark conspiracy has been formed, and humanity may have a chance to win this.

Will Central Park become the latest battleground that'll captivate almost an entire episode's worth of action? Can Setrakian and Palmer be more of an effective pairing than we thought? Will microwaves ever be perfected as a weapon against the Strigoi? Tune in to The Strain on FX next Sunday, at 10 PM EST, to find out.