Dancing With The Stars: Does Bachelorette Hannah Brown Have An Unfair Advantage In Season 28?
Is The Battlestar Galactica Reboot A Good Idea? Let's Talk This Out

Battlestar Galactica is coming back, but should we be exclaiming “So say we all!” to this news?

Why Longmire Is Popular With Fans, According To His Creator

Longmire is still popular with fans and the author who created the eponymous character has a theory on why!

The Good Doctor Season 3 Has Worrisome News For Claire

Claire is set to have a rough go of it in The Good Doctor Season 3.

An Update On Jeopardy Host Alex Trebek's Pancreatic Cancer Treatment

Three weeks after announcing he was done with chemo, Alex Trebek provides an update on his health.

Christopher Eccleston Reveals He Was Anorexic During His Time Filming Doctor Who

The former Doctor Who alum has opened up about his struggles during his time on the show.

The Voice's Kelly Clarkson Finally Explains Why She Has A Talk Show

Kelly Clarkson has some pretty good reasons for wanting to take on a daytime talk show.

Sean Spicer And Salsa? Here's How The Former Administrator Did In Week One

How well did Sean Spicer dance? These were the reactions.

Why Netflix Is About To Lose A Lot Of Shows

Brace yourself, your queue is about to get a lot lighter.

Umm, Zack Morris Is The California Governor In The Saved By The Bell Reboot?

I’m not sure the world was clamoring for more Bayside Hijinks (see what I did there?), but now that the show is on the table, I’m interested in seeing what the gang is up to.

Sophie Turner Has Joined Her First TV Show Since Game Of Thrones

Sophie Turner has set her eye on a new role.

Dog The Bounty Hunter’s Hospitalization Was Not A Heart Attack, But Daughter Sends Her Love

More updates on reality star Dog The Bounty Hunter's hospitalization.

Cara Delevingne Says Carnival Row Corset Was So Tight It Made Her Lose Her Voice
Fandoms Collide As Vikings' Alexander Ludwig Joins Arrow Vet Stephen Amell  For New Show

Alexander Ludwig won't be Bjorn this time around, but his Vikings experience could come in handy.

American Ninja Warrior's Season 11 Champion Already Plans To Win Again: 'I'm Not Going Anywhere'

American Ninja Warrior's Season 11 champion isn't done with the show yet.

Dancing With The Stars: Does Bachelorette Hannah Brown Have An Unfair Advantage In Season 28?

Hannah Brown is only one of many in the running for the mirrorball trophy on the new season of Dancing with the Stars, but does she have an unfair advantage?

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