Sam Raimi Didn't Didn't Actually Want Stan Lee To Cameo In Spider-Man

Spider-Man was one of Stan Lee's earliest Marvel movie cameos, but director Sam Raimi wasn't originally on board with the appearance.

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Why Nick Fury Didn’t Call Captain Marvel Until Thanos' Infinity War Snap

If Captain Marvel could save the world, why did Nick Fury wait until he was half-snapped himself to contact her? Marvel Comics' Captain Marvel Prelude #1 just came out to connect some dots.

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The Flash's Deleted Rag Doll Scene Featured Another Big Villain's Return

A deleted scene from a recent episode of The Flash brought back a pretty sizable villain.

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What Nick Fury Was Up To Between Avengers: Age Of Ultron And Infinity War

Nick Fury was gone from the MCU for several years, and now we know a little bit about what he was up to during that period.

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Venom Just Launched Sony To A Box Office Milestone

Venom continues to elevate its host studio past milestones at the box office, both domestically and overseas.

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Walt Disney World's Guardians Of The Galaxy Ride Will Be A New Type Of Roller Coaster

Walt Disney World's upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy roller coaster was already a highly anticipated ride, but now it sounds even more exciting.

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Gotham Season 5 Trailer Brings Out Bane And More Crazy Villains

Stop me if you've heard this one, but Gotham Season 5 is going all out on letting the villains run wild.

New Elseworlds Clip Shows The Flash With Green Arrow's Fighting Skills

Another new "Elseworlds" clip has arrived, and it's brought a bit of clarity to what's going on in the crossover.

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The Flash May Have Revealed How It Will Solve Two Big Season 5 Mysteries

The Flash might have revealed the key to discovering two big mysteries.

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Watch Marvel's Sweet Tribute To Stan Lee

The company Stan Lee helped build has put together a moving tribute to the legacy of The Man.

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6 Weird Marvel And DC Santa Stories That Would Make For Fascinating Movies

Here are some bizarre Santa stories from DC and Marvel that would make for fascinating films.

Amber Heard Felt Like A Superhero Filming Aquaman

The actress who plays Mera in the DCEU flick felt like a superhero in her own right after all she did for the role.

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Chris Pine Knew He’d Be Back For Wonder Woman 1984 While Shooting The First One

Steve Trevor's return in Wonder Woman 1984 may have been surprising to many fans, but Chris Pine knew it was in the cards for a while.

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One Big Issue With The Infinity Stones, According To The Avengers 4 Writer

There is a catch to these ancient, multi-colored artifacts.

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Shazam! Director Clarifies Why The Movie Needed Reshoots

Rumors indicated Shazam! reshoots happening for a variety of reasons, and now director David F. Sandberg has addressed them directly.

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Marvel's Vincent D'Onofrio Backpedals On Lex Luthor Comments

The actor caused a stir when he mused that he could play the iconic Superman villain.

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Kevin Feige Loves That Marvel Fans Don’t Know The Eternals

It turns out that The Eternals' somewhat anonymity among casual fans is exactly what excited Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige.

Stan Lee Should Still Have A Cameo In Avengers 4

All eyes are on what will happen when Phase Three concludes with Avengers 4, including Stan Lee's planned cameo.

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First Arrow-verse Crossover Footage Features A Very Uncomfortable Kiss

The "Elseworlds" crossover footage featured two unexpected characters locking lips.

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How Arrow Finally Brought Back A Long Lost Character

Arrow brought back a surprising character that hadn't been seen in a long time.

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