How Gotham Set The Stage For Bruce And Selina To Become Batman And Catwoman

Gotham actress Camren Bicondova talked what the latest episode's developments mean for Selina and Bruce in the final season.

Superhero TV
Where Is Gotham's Jeremiah? Here's What The Showrunner Told Us

Come out, come out, wherever you are, Jeremiah! Gotham's fans are waiting.

Superhero TV
Looks Like The Batman Will Use Penguin As A Villain

Break out your weaponized umbrellas!

Superhero Movie
Why You Should See Glass, Despite The Reviews

One spoiler-free hot take on Glass.

Superhero Movie
Who The New Gods Movie’s Villains Might Be

Some baddies from Apokolips could finally be making their cinematic debut.

Superhero Movie
M. Night Shyamalan Gushing About James McAvoy Will Get You Pumped For Glass

M. Night Shyamalan told us a bit about the behind the scenes of the performance of his Split villain returning for Glass.

Superhero Movie
Oliver Makes A Promise He Probably Can't Keep In New Arrow Midseason Trailer

Oliver is making some bold proclamations to the public that may come back to bite him.

Superhero TV
Cobie Smulders Wants You To Know She’s In The Spider-Man: Far From Home Trailer

Cobie Smulders will be playing Maria Hill for her fifth movie appearance, and the How I Met Your Mother alum wants you to know she was in the trailer, too.

Superhero Movie
Once Upon A Deadpool's PG-13 Hook Really Did Not Entice People To See It In Theaters
Superhero Movie
How Much Captain Marvel Could Make Opening Weekend

Anticipation for Captain Marvel has been at a fever pitch, and the latest estimation for its box office performance is coming in with a whopping sum.

Superhero Movie
Christopher McQuarrie Denies Meeting With DC Over Directing Gig

The Mission: Impossible director says recent reports are "inaccurate."

Superhero Movie
Avengers: Endgame Reshoots Are In Full Swing

Reshoots are in full swing now, as actors have been posting on social media from the set.

Superhero Movie
When Jeremiah Will Return To Gotham, According To Camren Bicondova

Gotham's Camren Bicondova chatted with CinemaBlend about Jeremiah's return to the action.

Superhero TV
Which Marvel Movie Will Get That May 2020 Release Date?

Marvel Studios has done many things to make their mark in Hollywood, and one perfect example is how they command the box office in early May every year. But 2020 is... problematic.

Why Unbreakable Works Even Better Now Than When It Was First Released

Not only is Unbreakable one of M. Night Shyamalan's best movies, it also gets significantly better with age.

Samuel L. Jackson Had A NSFW Way Of Bugging M. Night Shyamalan About The Unbreakable Sequel

The hilarious actor was excited to get back into Mr. Glass' wheelchair and villainous purple suit and he let M. Night Shyamalan know it.

Superhero Movie
Why Arrow Chose To Bring Emiko Queen To Season 7

Arrow revealed the identity of the new Green Arrow at the end of the Season 7 midseason finale, and the showrunner explains the decision to introduce Emiko.

Superhero TV
How The Flash Is Making That Future Newspaper More Important

Flash fans have been seeing that fateful newspaper headline for five years now.

Superhero TV
Looks Like Birds Of Prey Has Officially Begun Filming

Harley Quinn is probably hanging with her new group of femme fatales as we speak.

Superhero Movie
The Insane Amount Of Money Shazam’s Suit Cost To Make

Ahead of the film's first trailer, images from the set were leaked, and critics accused the film of padding Zachary Levi's costume to make him appear more muscular.

Superhero Movie
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