Amazon’s Borat Subsequent Moviefilm Review: Not As Novel As The Original, But Still Very Nice Release Date: Oct 23, 2020 Amazon’s Borat Subsequent Moviefilm Review As should be expected, it doesn’t quite have the same shock quality as its predecessor... but it also succeeds by mixing in plenty of new with the effort to recapture the spirit of the original.
Synchronic Review: Anthony Mackie And Jamie Dornan Lead An Impressive Addition To The Time Travel Subgenre Release Date: Oct 23, 2020 Synchronic Review Synchronic is really just a smartly made movie all around... Eric Eisenberg
Netflix’s Rebecca Review: A Spooky Mystery With Great Performances From Lily James And Armie Hammer Release Date: Oct 23, 2020 Netflix’s Rebecca Review [The movie] particularly pops thanks to its stylistic flair and excellent performances from leads Lily James and Armie Hammer. Eric Eisenberg
Hulu’s Bad Hair Review: A Smart Horror Movie That Loses Its Way Release Date: Oct 23, 2020 Hulu’s Bad Hair Review [T]he disappointing aspects of the film are made more disappointing by the fact that they clash so harshly with everything that works in the movie... Eric Eisenberg
HBO Max’s The Witches Review: Anne Hathaway Is Wonderfully Freaky In An Adequate Remake Release Date: Oct 23, 2020 HBO Max’s The Witches Review [A] lesser version compared to the 1990 movie, primarily because of the use of CGI and not enough practical effects magic. Eric Eisenberg
Memories Of Murder Review: A Murder Mystery That Will Keep Even The Biggest Genre Fans Guessing Release Date: Oct 19, 2020 Memories Of Murder Review (Re-Release) If you’re a fan of Bong Joon-ho’s more recent output, you owe it to yourself to either revisit or discover the charms of Memories of Murder. Mike Reyes
Disney+'s Clouds Review: A Surprisingly Mature Look At Life And Death Release Date: Oct 16, 2020 Disney+'s Clouds Review [W]hile it may look like a simple, Disney-fied version of reality, there's a maturity to be found in Clouds that is more than a bit surprising, but also quite welcome. Dirk Libbey
Honest Thief Review: If I Said This Movie Was At Least Fun, I’d Be Lying Release Date: Oct 16, 2020 Honest Thief Review [I]t looks like even Neeson is exhausted performing in the shadow of Frank Mills’ destructive legacy. Mike Reyes
Netflix's The Trial Of The Chicago 7 Review: Another Courtroom Masterpiece From Aaron Sorkin Release Date: Oct 16, 2020 Netflix's The Trial Of The Chicago 7 Review It’s slick, well-assembled Hollywood entertainment that should entertain as it educates, and hopefully infuriates, its audiences. Sean O'Connell
Love And Monsters Review: A Heartfelt Comedy With Tons Of Monster Action Release Date: Oct 16, 2020 Love And Monsters Review Love and Monsters is one of the best surprises of 2020, as it delivers a unique and exciting world and cares about its characters and beasts equally. Mike Reyes
Welcome To The Blumhouse’s Evil Eye Review: An Oddly Relevant, But Mostly Average Horror Story Release Date: Oct 13, 2020 Welcome To The Blumhouse’s Evil Eye Review [T]he fact that the key relationship at the center of the story is a remote one, with parents and their adult child virtually connecting from opposite ends of the Earth, provides a particular germaneness that only serves to enhance the audience’s connection with the characters. Eric Eisenberg
Welcome To The Blumhouse’s Nocturne Review: A Spooky, Well-Crafted Modern Witchcraft Tale Release Date: Oct 13, 2020 Welcome To The Blumhouse’s Nocturne Review [W]hile you may know where it’s headed, the ending packs a wallop all the same, primarily propelled by the power of the performances. Eric Eisenberg
The War With Grandpa Review: A Little Humor And A Little Heart, But Not Enough Of Either Release Date: Oct 09, 2020 The War With Grandpa Review It’s not entirely lacking in value, but it’s ultimately pointless. Dirk Libbey