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Welcome to HeroBlend #55! This week, Eric and Adrienne will rank the MCU movies from the past 11 years, look ahead to what we can expect from superhero movies during the rest of 2019, and debate one of the biggest questions of our time: whether or not Hobbs & Shaw is actually a superhero film! First, though, we've got news! We'll be going over Avengers: Endgame box office updates, including the film that might unseat it this weekend, the first full trailers for Batwoman and Swamp Thing, the deal with Michael Rooker and The Suicide Squad, the director who turned down Aquaman, James Gunn's first interview after being fired / re-hired by Disney and a lot more!

Next up, now that we've gotten a look at Endgame, and have 22 MCU films under our belts, it's time to go over all of them and decide where each movie lands in the ranking. CinemaBlend staff took a poll to see where we, overall, place all the films in this massive shared universe and we'll let you in on CinemaBlend's group Top 5, then reveal each of our personal rankings for the Top 5 MCU movies. Also, if you head here, you'll be able to take the poll yourself and contribute to our HeroBlend listener / CinemaBlend reader rankings, which we'll talk about in the next podcast!

Lastly, we'll get to the good stuff: what's yet to come in superhero movies for the year. It would be easy to think that no other superhero films would dare compete with Endgame in 2019, but we do have some solid (and more than solid) options left. We will go over all of those, in order, and also debate whether or not Hobbs & Shaw can count as a superhero movie. Now, sit back and relax, folks, because this is one chat you're not going to want to miss. Ready to dive in? Great! Listen for yourself above!

1:00 - News

30:14 - Ranking The MCU Movies

48:13 - What's Coming Up For Superhero Movies In 2019, plus Hobbs & Shaw

Now, get in on the superhero-filled fun and have a listen to the HeroBlend Podcast #55! And, be sure to subscribe to the HeroBlend Podcast on iTunes, right here, follow us on Twitter @HeroBlend and follow our hosts @eeisenberg and @HeyAJ7.