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A wrench was thrown into Relativity Media's plans this summer when it was announced that Phillip Noyce, director of Salt, had decided to pass on the submarine thriller Hunter Killer because it was too similar in size and scope to some of his other projects. With a December 21, 2012 release date set for the project, a search was launched to find a filmmaker that could replace Noyce and today it seems like they have found their man.

Antoine Fuqua, director of Training Day and Tears of the Sun, is now in final talks to helm Hunter Killer, according to Variety. Fuqua hasn't actually been behind the camera since Brooklyn's Finest in 2009, but has had his name attached to multiple projects, including the Eminem boxing movie Southpaw, Storming Las Vegas, and a Tupac Shakur biopic. The new film is based on the book "Firing Point" by George Wallace and Don Keith and centers on a new submarine captain who teams up with a unit of Navy SEALs to rescue the Russian president and stop a general from starting World War III. The script was written by Jamie Moss, John Kolvenbach and Arne Schmidt.

Let's see if this is a Fuqua project that actually has legs. Back in August it was reported that Gerard Butler was being looked at for the lead role in the movie, but that was before Noyce dropped out and the new report doesn't mention him. For a big production like this one, Relativity needs to start getting everything together quickly if they want to meet their release date and now that it looks like they have their director, the star will be the next step.

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