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Tom Cruise Mission Impossible III

Ethan Hunt will return once more! After the phenomenal critical/commercial success of last year's Mission: Impossible — Fallout, there was very little doubt that the Tom Cruise-led franchise would sprint back onto the big screen with Mission: Impossible 7. Information about the new Mission: Impossible film is currently limited at this time, but we do know at least a few details regarding what will be in store for this much-anticipated action blockbuster.

It should be noted that Paramount is in the very, very early stages for Mission: Impossible 7. We'll do our best to provide whatever limited information is available, while also offering a bit of speculation and character details to provide us with context for what we might expect from this seventh installment in the long-extended Mission: Impossible series. With that, let's jump in, shall we? Should you choose to accept this mission, of course.

Mission Impossible Fallout cast

What Is The Mission: Impossible 7 Release Date?

As it was announced back in February, Mission: Impossible 7 is a relatively short while away. To be more specific, Mission: Impossible 7 is set to be released on July 23, 2021. That'll be almost exactly three years after Mission: Impossible — Fallout was released into theaters. Based on the big plans that are currently underway for the upcoming blockbuster, it's apparent they'll need that time between the last sequel and this new one in order to pull it off.

Tom Cruise Michelle Monaghan Mission Impossible III

Will Mission: Impossible 7 Be The Last Mission: Impossible Movie?

Most certainly not. As it was announced shortly after Paramount gave the greenlight for a seventh Mission: Impossible feature, there will also be an eighth Mission: Impossible movie on the way, and it's set to be released on August 5th, 2022. Clearly, that's a very short window between seven and eight, and the reason why is because the studio will reportedly be making these newest sequels back-to-back, working on two Mission: Impossible films simultaneously. As if there isn't enough stress in making one Mission: Impossible movie. Alas, this series has always striven for the ... you know.

Christopher McQuarrie Tom Cruise Rebecca Ferguson on set Mission Impossible Fallout

Who Is Writing And Directing Mission: Impossible 7?

While the Mission: Impossible franchise once relied on an exquisite corpse approach, with each installment being helmed by a different very renowned director (Brian De Palma, John Woo, J.J. Abrams, Brad Bird), Christopher McQuarrie has taken over these filmmaking duties ever since Mission: ImpossibleRogue Nation. Similar to how David Yates took over the Harry Potter franchise after the fifth feature film, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, it would appear that Mission: Impossible and actor/producer Tom Cruise are perfectly content with McQuarrie handling the reigns. And, it's hard to argue with the results. By many people's estimations, both Rogue Nation and Fallout are two of the best Mission: Impossible movies we have gotten to date.

Therefore, it makes sense that Christopher McQuarrie is on board for what might very well be the last two installments in the action-friendly franchise. He has established a long-standing working relationship with Tom Cruise, including 2012's Jack Reacher, and they've got a good collaboration going. There's no sense in breaking things up now. Hopefully, though, the pressure of making two Mission: Impossible movies at the same time isn't too much. At one point, McQuarrie said that he would "rather have leprosy" than direct Mission: Impossible 7. Clearly, something changed if he decided to make not only one additional Mission: Impossible movie, but two more, and both at the same time. That's quite a big change of pace, but that's how it goes with M:I.

Rebecca Ferguson Tom Cruise Mission Impossible Rogue Nation

When Will Mission: Impossible 7 And 8 Start Shooting?

As it was revealed earlier this month, Christopher McQuarrie is currently in the weeds with pre-production work at the moment. That includes writing and storyboarding the forthcoming sequels, which will obviously require a tremendous amount of work and planning before cameras can begin to roll. If you are making two movies at the same time, you need to have all your ducks in a row. Evidently, while McQuarrie is hard at work on storyboards right now, we shouldn't expect production to begin for another six months, or maybe even as late as a year. Though, they need to starting shooting sooner as opposed to later if they want to make that initial 2021 release date with ease. But, it appears that McQuarrie is used to working under tight pressure at this point.

Hayley Atwell Agent Carter abc

Who Is Set To Star In Mission: Impossible 7 & 8?

Naturally, Tom Cruise is on board to produce and star in these two new Mission: Impossible movies, reprising his long-labored role as Ethan Hunt. It is also confirmed that Rebecca Ferguson, who has been a mainstay in the series since Mission: Impossible — Rogue Nation, is also set to come back in this sequel(s). There's also a casting announcement which will certainly come as a big, winning surprise for viewers still mourning the loss of Agent Carter.

As it was revealed by writer/director Christopher McQuarrie, then confirmed by the actress herself, Hayley Atwell is joining the ensemble for both the seventh and eighth film, though her role has not been confirmed at this time. She will likely play a key part, though whether or not she's a friend or foe to Ethan Hunt will need to be determined in the months to come. Either way, it will certainly be good to see Atwell playing another tough, smart woman who knows how to handle her business on the big screen.

Meanwhile, there are rumors floating around that, similar to Henry Cavill's starry supporting role in Mission: Impossible — Fallout, there will be a big name actor playing a villainous role in the two sequels. Collider claims that Bradley Cooper is being sought for this particular turn. This information is very much unconfirmed at the moment, though, and should be taken with many grains of salt.

There's also a good chance that familiar favorites like Simon Pegg, Michelle Monaghan, Jeremy Renner, and the incomparable Ving Rhames might be asked to return to the series. It'd certainly be a sad, sad day if Ving Rhames was not returning. For now, though, only those three stars are confirmed.

Tom Cruise Henry Cavill Mission Impossible Fallout

What Is The Mission: Impossible 7 Rating?

Obviously, Mission: Impossible 7 isn't anywhere near having an official MPAA rating. The movie's content is still being written, let alone scrutinized for whether or not it's appropriate for younger viewers. Nevertheless, there's a great certainty that Mission: Impossible 7 will share the same PG-13 rating as the other six Mission: Impossible movies. Unless the series is really looking to get hardcore in the last installments (or, inversely, really wants to tone things down), there's good money to be placed on any bet that says that Mission: Impossible 7 — as well as 8 — will very likely get the PG-13 rating.

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Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise)

Throughout the first five Mission: Impossible movies, there was very little connective tissue between the films. The character of Ethan Hunt initially lost his talented ensemble of super spies, and he was left to fend for himself for the majority of the first movie, as well as the entirety of the second and third. But with Mission: Impossible — Ghost Protocol, the team aspect of the original TV show's core concept was beginning to take form once again.

It was with the fifth film, Rogue Nation, that the blocks for building narrative were taking form. With Fallout, Ethan Hunt was really beginning to become a more fully fleshed out character— one who was grappling more deeply and emotionally with the consequences of his lonesome profession.

In many respects, the Mission: Impossible franchise has mirrored both their times and Tom Cruise's turbulent A-list career. Throughout the first three chapters, the movies come across as reflections of a movie star with an inflated ego and a classic sense of machismo. As the fourth, fifth, and sixth movies came into be, however, it was clear that Cruise was learning some humility, recognizing the value of having hard-working peers and having a much-needed sense of humor/self-awareness that made Ethan Hunt more fully realized, while never losing his sense of derring-do and fearlessness.

Mission: Impossible — Fallout suggests that, much like Tom Cruise himself, there will likely come a time where Ethan Hunt will have to retire — or die trying to do the impossible. With the stunts growing more extreme and exhilarating with each consecutive installment, it's probably for the safety and well-being of Cruise and everyone around him that he probably find an end point for the series sooner rather than later. There's no shortage of fun and thrills to be had in watching these movies, but with Tom Cruise well into his 50s at this point (even if he doesn't look it), the end time is drawing ever nearer.

Rebecca Ferguson Mission Impossible Fallout

Ilsa Faust (Rebecca Ferguson)

First making a highly memorable introduction in Mission: Impossible — Rogue Nation, Rebecca Ferguson's character, Ilsa Faust, provided a thrilling friend and adversary in equal measure for our main super spy in her first movie. The relationship proved to be less tenuous in the newest sequel, but it'll certainly be interesting to see where Ilsa Faust lands in the upcoming movies, and whether or not Ethan Hunt can fully trust her during his latest adventures.

The character continues to grow and become more fleshed out, and these next two sequels should hopefully provide Rebecca Ferguson with great showcases. The actress has been doing some impressive work in movies that don't always reward her talents. It's clear that Ferguson became a star on the rise thanks to her appearance in the fifth Mission: Impossible movie, and, hopefully, she will get even more chances to shine in the latest sequels. She deserves it.

With only a handful of details available about the movies at the moment, we'll have to continue to look into these two new sequels and figure out more details in the months and years to come. For now, though, this is all we know. Tell us if you're excited for this mission in the comments below!

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