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Shazam!, DC's next superhero film, arrives in April and we haven't seen too much footage for it so far. The first teaser trailer debuted seven months ago, and though we've gotten snippets of new footage here and there, we haven't gotten a full-on new trailer. It sounds like that is changing very soon, because star Zachary Levi confirmed the second official trailer for Shazam! will arrive this Monday, March 4. Check out Levi's announcement below.

Now, if you are like me, you stared at the "loading screen" for at least a full minute before you realized something was wrong. Don't worry, your computer isn't broken; Zachary Levi posted a video that was literally just a loading screen, but that's the joke!

Zachary Levi took to Instagram to share the big news that a new trailer for Shazam! is arriving next week. The uploading joke is a reference to the long wait it has been since the first trailer and impatience from some fans who were demanding that the trailer be released. However, Levi wrote that the trailer would be worth the wait and leave lots of people happy.

Movie fans are no doubt excited to finally see more of Shazam! The first trailer was a good early tease, but it's definitely time for some new footage. The special effects have probably progressed a lot since the first trailer, so hopefully there is plenty of new footage to catch. The first trailer was pretty fun, so hopefully the new trailer will further emphasize the humor. It would be great to see some more of Shazam in action fighting Mark Strong's Doctor Sivana.

Only time will tell how Shazam! will fare in the wake of Aquaman's massive success. The superhero movie is tracking for about $50 million in its opening weekend, which will likely grow the closer it gets to the release date. Following the billion dollar shadow of Aquaman can't be easy, but Shazam! looks like a good time at the theater. Warner Bros. has decided to keep the DCEU films mostly separate from each other, so it's possible that Shazam! could benefit from this approach, much like Aquaman did.

Shazam! is directed by David F. Sandberg with a screenplay written by Henry Gayden and Darren Lemke. In addition to Zachary Levi, the cast includes Asher Angel, Mark Strong, Jack Dylan Grazer, and Grace Fulton. The film follows Billy Batson, a young orphan who is chosen by a wizard to become a champion of good, gaining the ability to transform into a super-powered adult alter ego.

Shazam! is all set to arrive in theaters on April 5. To learn more about the movie before then, here's what we know so far. For everything else that is arriving this year, here's our 2019 release guide.