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We thought by now we'd have a full-length Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer to analyze. We do not. Which means we don't yet officially know what Jake Gyllenhaal's on-screen Mysterio will look like when the legendary Marvel character finally makes his debut. However, a new image has arrived online that appears to be from a magazine profiling Spider-Man's newest "adversary," and this illustration gives us an idea of how the costume will look:

And yes, fans. Don't worry. Mysterio WILL have the fish bowl helmet. However, much like Tony Stark frequently pulls back his helmet to show Robert Downey Jr.'s money-maker, the Mysterio suit will show off Jake Gyllenhaal's face, as well.

I put quotes around the word "Adversary" because we also have learned that Gyllenhaal will actually start Spider-Man: Far From Home as a protagonist for the Web Head (played once again by Tom Holland). Based on quotes that the cast gave in Brazil at the local Comic-Con, Mysterio will be hired by Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) to help him track down Elementals, or creatures that draw their power from scientific elements.

Fury also will tap Spider-Man for assistance, and Holland described his relationship with Gyllenaal as a big brother/little brother dynamic.

Also, Spider-Man will rock this very cool Stealth Suit, so he can fight crime around Europe without his classmates wondering why both Peter Parker AND Spider-Man happen to be overseas at the same time.

But it's SuperBroMovies contributor Daniel Richtman who gets proper credit for sharing the look at Mysterio's costume in the upcoming Spider-Man sequel, and it ticks off a number of MCU boxes. It looks like body armor. It shows off the gauntlets that Mysterio uses when creating his illusions. And it has a long ass cape, which is essential to the image of the character. All I need to see in the first trailer is a lot of billowy smoke around Mysterio. That's a deal breaker.

Mysterio in the Marvel Comics

Our biggest question for Spider-Man: Far From Home remains HOW our hero will return after fading to dust at the end of Avengers: Infinity War. From what we have heard, the Far From Home trailer begins as if nothing from Infinity War happened, so we assume that Avengers: Endgame will explain that, and set Peter on his vacation course for Europe.

We will find out more when the trailer finally drops. As for Spider-Man: Far From Home, look for it in theaters on July 5, 2019.