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In case it wasn't clear already with Maleficent, Cinderella and The Jungle Book (among others), Disney is fully committed to remaking most of their classic animated features into live action tales. The next one of these projects on the slate is Beauty and the Beast, and from what's been shown so far, it looks like it will remain extremely faithful to its 1991 predecessor. After weeks of new images and reports about the remake, now a new poster has been released that harkens back to the remake's animated roots.

Beauty and the Beast

Earlier today, Emma Watson debuted the new Beauty and the Beast poster on her Twitter page for all the world to see. Here we see the movie's eponymous protagonists, Belle (played by Watson) and the creature formerly known as Prince Adam (played by Dan Stevens) in the middle of their iconic dance. It's hard to tell whether this is taking place in the ballroom (like it will in the movie) or in the forest near the Beast's castle, but as least these two have the spotlight for themselves. One can't also help but be drawn to all the names at the top of the poster, letting the people who haven't been reading up on Beauty and the Beast over the past couple years who will comprise the all-star cast, from Ewan McGregor and Ian McKellen to Josh Gad and Emma Thompson.

Like any decent remake, there will be certain elements in Beauty and the Beast that are different from the animated movie, be it new songs or altered character appearances. After all, this is a re-telling for a new generation, and if it were an exact copy of the original, then it wouldn't be that fun to watch (I'm looking at you, 1998's Psycho). Fortunately, it also looks like the new Beauty and the Beast will retain many of the elements that made the animated movie a classic. The ballroom dance, the musical numbers, the colorful supporting cast, etc. This poster reiterates that further, and now that it's been released, one would imagine that a trailer isn't far behind.

Following in the 1991 movie's footsteps, Beauty and the Beast will follow Belle, a young woman who is seen by her fellow villagers as an odd duck because of her love for literature and inventing talents. Having lived her whole life reading about adventures, Belle will soon find herself in one of her own when she's imprisoned in a castle ruled over by the Beast and other enchanted denizens. Although fearful at first, she and the Beast soon fall in love after Belle discovers the humanity within him, but their romance will be put to the test when a hunter named Gaston vows to take Belle for himself and eliminate the Beast.

Beauty and the Beast will be released in theaters on March 17, 2017.