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Jai Courtney Teases Captain Boomerang’s Return In The Suicide Squad

Spoiler alert: it’s not with a stuffed unicorn.

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It’s Time To Bring Back The Brendan Fraser Mummy Franchise
Jurassic World’s Colin Trevorrow Explains Why He Didn’t Want To Direct Guardians Of The Galaxy
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Downton Abbey Creator Didn’t Think The Movie Would Happen

Even the best franchises take some work getting to the movies.

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Did Jojo Rabbit Just Become An Oscars 2020 Best Picture Frontrunner?

Taika Waititi's Hitler film just got a major boost in the Oscar race.

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All The Original Movies On The Way To Disney+

Along with plenty of new TV shows, Disney+ will also boast some original movies.

Marvel Put Out A Night Monkey Trailer For Spider-Man: Far From Home, And Wow

When Spider-Man isn’t enough, bring in The Night Monkey!

Movie News
Hustlers Briefly Considered A Song With J.Lo, Lizzo, And Cardi B
Movie News
The 10 Best Martin Scorsese Movies, Ranked

The acclaimed director has had a career of great films, but these are his best.

Do Movie Theaters Have A 'Trailers' Problem?

Most movie theaters play a lot of trailers before the feature presentation, but is it too many?

The Hilarious Problem John Wick Chapter 3 Had Filming With The Dogs

One can easily see how this would be a problem.

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The Goldfinch Could See Warner Bros And Amazon Losing A Lot Of Money

The Goldfinch failed to take flight, and Warner Bros. and Amazon will be footing the bill for the film's horrendous performance.

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Quirky Birds Of Prey Poster Offers The Best Look At Characters In Costume
Movie News
Arnold Schwarzenegger Had A Strict No Blinking Rule For The Terminator

There have been many Terminators, but Arnold makes the rules.

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Looks Like Jurassic World 3 Is Beginning Filming Soon

Dinosaurs will run amok in the sequel to 2018's Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.

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Jamie Lee Curtis Says Halloween Kills Will ‘Unpack’ The Original Movie
Movie News
Fans Spot Endgame Error Related To Avengers Tower

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is known for its continuity, but nobody's perfect.

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Why Sylvester Stallone Chose Not To Direct Rambo: Last Blood

He still thinks fans will dig what they have come up with.

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Rian Johnson Explains The Timing Of His Star Wars Trilogy
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New Frozen II Poster Is So Good Even Josh Gad Endorses It
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It’s Time To Bring Back The Brendan Fraser Mummy Franchise
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