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You Can Still Be Part Of Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge Opening at Disneyland, But You Better Hurry

If you wanted to be there for opening day of Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge, time is running out.

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Chris Evans Reveals His Favorite Captain America Scene

There's one that stands out to the 37 year-old actor, and it's a great choice.

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7 Clues That Tease Us' Twist Ending

Jordan Peele is a man who knows how to set up a twist.

Avengers: Endgame’s Runtime Revealed, And It’s Long

You might want to leave the soda at the concession stand.

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The Special Way Kevin Smith Is Responding To Captain Marvel's Mallrats Reference
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Bill And Ted Face The Music Has Added Another Returning Character

After years stuck in development hell, Bill and Ted Face The Music finally got some good news last week. And now there's more!

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Ben Affleck Still Plans To Make A Sequel To The Accountant

Ben Affleck has ridden some rocky blockbuster waves in recent years, but one film that was really an undeniable success arrived in the fall of 2016.

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Godzilla: King Of The Monsters Definitely Won't Include Certain Iconic Monsters

Not every monster from Godzilla's 65-year history will be showing up for the battle royal that is Godzilla: King of the Monsters.

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Tessa Thompson Explains Her Goals For An All-Female Marvel Team

It took over 10 years, but Marvel Studios finally has its first female-led solo movie in theaters now, and its success has been unquestionably outstanding.

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New DVD Releases April 2019: All The Latest Movies And TV Shows Coming This Month

April is often a hodgepodge of new releases, both of the TV and movie variety. If you’ve still been waiting to catch some flicks from the end of last year, there will be options!

6 Insane Us Easter Eggs That Appear To Have Much Deeper Meanings
Chris Evans' Marvel Characters Combine In Epic Image

The comic book movie multi-verse collides and the resulting amalgamation is a fiery and patriotic hero.

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Chinese Censors Banned These Bohemian Rhapsody LGBTQ Moments
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How Candyman's Jordan Peele And Director Nia DaCosta Bonded Through Horror Fandom
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Daniel Craig Has Been Working Out For 12 Hours At A Time For Bond 25

We knew being a 00 agent wasn't easy, but this is intense!

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Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse Director Reveals Stan Lee's Cut Lines

Stan Lee's first posthumous cameo came in a perfect appearance in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. It was a cameo that several different lines were recorded for, some of which weren't seen in the final product.

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You'll Never Guess Who Inspired Lupita Nyong’o's Raspy Us Voice

This may have been the scariest part of the movie.

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Idris Elba Has A Flamethrower In New Hobbs And Shaw Image

Idris Elba's villain has been genetically engineered to have superpowers, and that's not going to be the end of his badassery.

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Why The Wild Us Theory About The Son Is Probably Wrong

There's an Us theory out there pertaining to Jason, the Wilson family's son, but it probably doesn't hold water.

The Rock And Karen Gillan Are Rocking Awesome New Costumes In Jumanji 3 Image
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7 Clues That Tease Us' Twist Ending
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