Bella Thorne Answers A Big Question About The Masked Singer's Clue Videos

The Masked Singer Season 3 competitor shared the scoop on the show's clue videos.

Why Jon Stewart Needed Steve Carell To Make Irresistible Work
Movie News
How Disney+'s Hamilton Was Shot Over Three Days

Soon we can all be in the room where it happened.

Movie News
Hamilton’s Anthony Ramos Reveals Feelings On ‘Strange’ Way Movies Premiere Now

Two of the actor's major projects, Trolls World Tour and Hamilton, unexpectedly hit homes before theaters.

Movie News
Even Hamilton’s Lin-Manuel Miranda And Company Were Surprised By The Disney+ Movie
Movie News
The Hilarious Way Anthony Ramos Took A Break From Godzilla To Audition For Trolls World Tour

The rising star talked to CinemaBlend about the improvisation that led to his Trolls World Tour role.

Movie News
How Yellowstone’s Rip Feels About Losing That Job To Jamie, According To Cole Hauser
Wedding Crashers 2 Still Might Be A Thing, And The Director Knows The 'Backbone' Of The Story
Movie News
Kevin Bacon Really Enjoyed His Chance To Film Opposite Himself In You Should Have Left
Movie News
Yellowstone: The Hardest Part Of Shooting Outdoors, According To Cole Hauser

Cole Hauser, who plays Rip on Yellowstone, opened up to us about what the toughest part of filming really is.

Top Chef's Melissa King On Winning Pre-Quarantine, The Most Stressful Moments And Her Restaurant Wars Dream Team

When the dust settled on Top Chef All Stars: L.A., only Melissa King was left standing, and she talked with CinemaBlend about her big win.

The Cool Reason Joseph Gordon-Levitt Chose 7500 For His Return To Acting

He very specifically didn't want to go the blockbuster route.

Movie News
Jurassic Park Writer Explains Why Steven Spielberg Cut An Epic T-Rex Scene

David Koepp talked to ReelBlend about one scene in his script that didn't make it in.

Movie News
Major Oscar Changes, 7500 Reviews And An In-Depth Vast Of Night Interview

The Vast of Night director Andrew Patterson has amazing insight into filmmaking.

Kevin Bacon’s You Should Have Left Director Explains Why The Movie’s A Better Fit For VOD
Movie News
Artemis Fowl: 9 Big Differences Between The Book And The Movie

Here are some major differences between Eoin Colfer's popular YA novel and its Disney+ adaptation.

Stargirl's Brec Bassinger Answers Our Questions About Solomon Grundy, Luke Wilson And More

Stargirl's Brec Bassinger talked Solomon Grundy and more with CinemaBlend.

Spider-Man Writer David Koepp Talks Lucasfilm, Other Fandoms Being Difficult To Please

If there’s one thing you can say about fans, it’s that they’re opinionated.

Movie News
A Controversial Pretty In Pink Alternate Ending Made Preview Audiences Boo
Movie News
Zack Snyder's Justice League, Wonder Woman 1984 And More Headline Massive New DC Fan Event
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