Avengers: Endgame Considered Decapitating Captain America
Movie News
Surprise, The Walking Dead's Rick Grimes Movie Is Heading To Theaters

The Walking Dead franchise is breaking new ground.

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Yes, Crawl Admits Jaws Had A Major Influence On The Gator Tale

Sometimes, inspiration comes from the most obvious of places.

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Avengers: Infinity War Writers Reveal Doctor Strange's Trippy Deleted Scene
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Will Jon Favreau Go Back To Making Smaller Movies After Lion King? Here's What He Told Us

Jon Favreau has become one of the big names in blockbuster filmmaking, but he's also had success with smaller films. So after wrangling the beast that is The Lion King, will he return to smaller budget fare?

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Alita: Battle Angel’s Lead Animator Reveals Alita Could Kick Even More Ass In A Sequel
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Shazam! Has An Annabelle Easter Egg And Asher Angel Tells Us Where To Find It
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Linda Hamilton Had A Weird Hormone Reaction While Making Terminator: Dark Fate

Franchise fans will long remember the transformation that Linda Hamilton underwent going from the original Terminator to T2: Judgement Day, but things didn't work quite the same way nearly 30 years later.

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Tim Miller Explains Why Terminator: Dark Fate Is Rated R
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It Chapter Two Comic-Con Footage Has Us Crazy Excited
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How The Farewell Director And Cast Kept The True Story In Mind

There are many movies in cinema history that are based on a true story, but Lulu Wang’s The Farewell is really on a different level due to the personal nature of the true story being told.

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Writer Richard Curtis Reveals Major Changes Danny Boyle Made To Yesterday's Script
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Dave Bautista Was ‘Shocked’ Watching The Fight Scenes In Stuber
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Will Quentin Tarantino's Last Movie Be Star Trek? The Director Talks About A 'Loophole'
There’s An Easter Egg In Crawl That Reveals The Whole Story, According To Barry Pepper
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Seth Rogen And Billy Eichner Know Timon And Pumbaa Are Terrible Influences
Movie News
Black Adam Producer Updates Us On The Rock’s DC Superhero Movie
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Crawl Ending: The Gator Flick Could Have Had An Extra Scene, Here’s Why It Didn’t
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How George Harrison And Ringo Starr Were Originally Included In Yesterday

Another masterclass in what to cut, and what to keep.

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There’s A Dog In Crawl, Here’s How The Creative Team Decided Whether It Would Survive
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