Ben Affleck Says Zack Snyder's Justice League Cut 'Should Be Available'
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Star Wars: The Clone Wars Star Talks The Bad Batch Season Premiere, Order 66 And More

The man behind the Clone Wars clone chatted with CinemaBlend about the final season premiere, the coming Order 66 tragedy, and more.

The Special Approach The Call Of The Wild Could Take On Set Thanks To Performance Capture

The film had a particular advantage over every previous Call Of The Wild adaptation.

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How Star Wars Rebels' Ending Impacted The Clone Wars' Final Season

One Star Wars star shared how Rebels impacted The Clone Wars for him.

Why Criminal Minds Ended Garcia And Reid's Stories That Way In The Series Finale

The series finale brought Garcia and Reid's stories to an end and this is why they unfolded the way they did!

Criminal Minds Series Finale: Showrunner Talks Surprise Cameos That Did And Didn't Happen

Criminal Minds came to an end on CBS after 15 seasons, and some familiar faces returned, though not everyone.

Criminal Minds Showrunner Reveals Why Garcia And Alvez's Shocker Happened

Of all the big moments in Criminal Minds' series finale, the very last moments will likely be discussed by fans the longest.

How Star Wars: The Clone Wars Fulfills George Lucas’ Legacy In Season 7 Premiere

The Clone Wars will finally get to finish its story on Disney+, and one star shared how the Season 7 premiere fulfills George Lucas' legacy.

Independence Day 3? Roland Emmerich Still Has Hope Disney Will Make The Movie
Movie News
Why Criminal Minds Ending On CBS 'Still Stings' For The Showrunner
After Midway, Roland Emmerich Has Another World War II Story He Wants To Tell
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Lilo And Stitch's Original Director Has A Big Concern For The Live-Action Remake
Movie News
Fantasy Island’s Director Originally Wanted An R-Rating, But Test Screenings Changed Things
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Ben Schwartz Admits He Goes After '90s Projects Like Sonic And Ducktales Because He Loved Them As A Kid
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Julia Louis-Dreyfus Never Made The Connection Between Downhill And A Classic Seinfeld Episode
Movie News
Birds Of Prey: Why Ewan McGregor  Was Able To Improvise Black Mask’s Best Lines
Movie News
The One Frozen II Song Everyone Is Upset Didn’t Get Animated

A few catchy tunes were cut from the Disney sequel.

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Parasite Wins Big, The Broadcast Falls Flat And More 2020 Oscars Reactions
Why Birds Of Prey Doesn't Include Batgirl Or Barbara Gordon
Movie News
How Birds Of Prey’s Director Tackled Harley’s Action Scenes Without Superpowers
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