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Assassin's Creed Symphony

If you've been enjoying Ubisoft's Assassin's Creed games for over the past decade and have been equally enthralled with the music that helped shape the series over the years, there's going to be an Assassin's Creed symphony that will debut at E3 at 2019.

In a press release that Ubisoft rolled out, it was announced that at the Hollywood Dolby Theater in Los Angeles, California on June 11, 2019, the Assassin's Creed Symphony will premiere for the very first time during the Electronic Entertainment Expo.

The symphony will feature a full-on orchestra along with a choir, it will include a 3D immersive element and it will be a two-hour show that will not only contain the music from Assassin's Creed, but it will also contain the characters and stories from the game. The music will stretch across the longstanding franchise, sporting an eclectic mix of tunes from many of the composers who contributed to the popularity of the soundtrack from Ubisoft's series, including Jesper Kyd (who is also well known for putting together the iconic soundtrack for Hitman as well), Lorne Balfe, Brian Tyler, Sarah Schachner, Winifred Phillips, Elitsa Alexandrova, Chris Tilton, award-winning composer Austin Wintory (who also put together the soundtrack to the PS3 exclusive Journey and The Banner Saga), and Ryan Amon and The Flight, who are the latest composers who worked on Assassin's Creed: Odyssey.

MGP Live has partnered with Ubisoft as a means to help bring the symphonic experience to life at the Hollywood Dolby Theater in Los Angeles. If MGP Live sounds familiar, it's because if you jet on over to the official website, you'll see that the company has teamed up with other popular brands in video games for symphonic concerts, including Square Enix's Final Fantasy with the Distant Worlds concert, and The Legend of Zelda's Symphony of the Goddesses, which has been quite popular over the last three years since its been touring around the world.

In most cases, newer games help bolster the appeal of the concerts and the live attendances due to growing mainstream appeal. It's sort of like when Breath of the Wild released last year for the Nintendo Switch, sold millions of copies and put the franchise back into the spotlight in a huge way.

The same applies for Assassin's Creed as well, which managed to get a pretty big boost from the popular Assassin's Creed: Odyssey, which just had its debut back in October for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

If you're interested in attending the concert during E3 next year in 2019, you'll be able to pick up pre-sale tickets for the concert starting December 7 if you're a Ubisoft Club Member. If you're not a Ubisoft Club Member, you'll still be able to purchase pre-sale tickets starting December 10 at 10:00am local time. Following the concert in Los Angeles during E3 2019, the tour will also head to the Palais des Congres in Paris, France on June 29th, followed by an appearance at the Davis Symphony Hall in San Francisco on August 3rd, with additional concerts to follow throughout the fall all the way up until October 6.