Melmetal Pokemon Let's Go

The adorable new metallic Pokemon, Meltan, can officially evolve. The little critter can be found in Pokemon Go right now and, if the conditions are right, he can transform into the powerful Melmetal. Even cooler is the fact that Meltan offers a unique connection between the mobile game and the upcoming Pokemon Let's Go titles for the Nintendo Switch.

Several weeks back, a new pocket-sized critter known as Meltan showed up in Pokemon Go. Just like all of the other Pokemon, this "Hex Nut Pokemon" could be found out in the wild and captured by normal means. A bit later, Nintendo released a promotional video for Meltan highlighting how it has mysteriously started popping up in the world of Pokemon. The video ends with a teaser hinting at the fact that an evolution could be possible, which would be a first for a Mythical Pokemon.

Now The Pokemon Company International has pulled the curtain back further, revealing Melmetal, the evolved form of Meltan. I still say that Meltitan would have been a better name, but, apparently, Nintendo didn't receive any of my letters. While Meltan is a tiny critter that can shoot an electric laser from its eye, Melmetal is an eight-foot-tall beast boasting some powerful moves. According to the Pokemon's lore, this is the first time Meltan has been spotted in 3,000 years, with ancient peoples worshiping them due to their ability to create metal.

What's really interesting is that while Meltan can be found in both Pokemon Go and the upcoming Pokemon Let's Go games, it can only be evolved in the former. To do that, you'll need to collect 400 Meltan Candies, which you can get by either sending extra Meltan you catch to the Professor or by having Meltan follow you around in the game world as a companion. Once you gain 400 Meltan Candies, your favorite Meltan can be evolved into a Melmetal.

But here's the hook: you can send Pokemon from the mobile game to your copy of Pokemon Let's Go Evee or Pikachu. So, if you want to have one of the most powerful Pokemon available in the upcoming Switch games, you're going to need to earn it (or trade it with a friend) in the mobile game. That's a pretty brilliant idea that will encourage folks to keep playing both games. And, for those who enjoy the core Pokemon games but have avoided Pokemon Go up to this point, this incentive might be just the nudge needed to make them finally take the leap.

If you want to have Melmetal ready to roll as soon as the Switch games launch, you've got until Nov. 16 to stock up on Meltans and trigger an evolution.

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