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It looks like another Fortnite: Battle Royale record has been broken, and this one is likely going to be pretty difficult to top. A single squad managed to take out 61 opponents in a single round. In a game mode boasting 100 players, that means they claimed nearly two-thirds of total kills all by themselves. As a heads up, the stream is NSFW due to language.

Fortnite player Fortitude_Fqrbes recently posted a video highlighting his squad's rather impressive run through a round of Battle Royale. In short, his team took less than 17 minutes to work its way across the map in order to claim a whopping 61 total kills. Sure, they had to be extremely lucky to come across that many opponents in a single round of the game, but managing to top them all is clearly nothing but skill.

Again, I feel the need to reiterate a language warning in case you haven't watched the video yet but, even if you have to play it with the sound off, it's worth a gander just to see this kind of high skill in practice. It's maybe nothing new for fans who follow major streamers, but there's something hypnotizing about watching Fqrbes shoot, build, edit on the fly, communicate with his team and alternate between all of the above as if it's second nature. It's also super discouraging, as it demonstrates the caliber of play a scrub like myself is constantly up against.

At about the 15:30 mark, you can hear Fqrbes do some quick math before stating to his final remaining teammate, "If we kill this squad, we get the world record, Nexjs." About a minute later and he's screaming "Let's go!" as the team accomplishes exactly that.

In order to claim those 61 kills, Fqrbes managed to take down 25 opponents on his own. Teammate Nexjs managed 18 while tactjc- claimed 10 and TTV_NadeXC managed eight. It's also worth noting that none of those kills were claimed by taking out a huge group of players, en masse, who were trying to watch a special in-game event. This was just a normal match with a normal group of players joining the fray.

Perusing the comments, the vast majority of remarks are from people complimenting the team and touting their impending Fortnite stardom. The video has somehow managed to garner 40 dislikes to its 2,300 likes, and I have a hard time understanding who would just "dislike" a video like this on principal alone. Continuing through the comments, many folks were excited to have watched the video before "it blew up," while others keep referring to Fqrbes as god. Still others point out the fact that the team was playing on the PlayStation 4, as the arguments between console and PC gaming are apparently still a thing.

This is only the first bit of big news for battle royale games this week, as Friday will see the launch of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 and its new Blackout mode. The beta drew a lot of positive buzz and, if you think there's a lot of battle royale talk at the moment, just wait until Blackout gets rolling and more folks start streaming it as well.

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