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A hunting party finds a dragon in Monster Hunter.

If you've been waiting for the arrival of Monster Hunter: World on PC since the game launched this past February on consoles, your patience is about to be rewarded. Much like some of the game's titular beasties, the launch window actually snuck up on us a bit and will be launching in just a few weeks. Sharpen your switch axe and get ready to track down some behemoths on Aug. 9.

We reported back in January that the PC version of Monster Hunter: World had been delayed to a nebulous "fall 2018" window. In other words, we figured the game would not be ready to roll on that platform until September at the earliest. According to a report from Polygon, though, Capcom has decided to push the launch window forward a bit, with the game now set to launch on Aug. 9.

Back in January, Capcom made a pretty convincing case for why the PC version of Monster Hunter was going to take longer than the versions on consoles. In short, it was the developer's first big PC game, and they wanted to make sure they did things right. The PC would require some extra development time for control inputs, graphics optimization and the like. Rather than split development between the two versions, the studio decided to get the console version out the door in order to then focus efforts squarely on PC.

Apparently, things have been going well, because now we know Monster Hunter will launch on Steam in exactly one month. Capcom has also stated that the seasonal and promotional events enjoyed in the console version of the game will make their way to the new platform, though we don't have a schedule for that just yet. The console crowd is enjoying a summer festival right now, for instance, so it's likely this timing will allow the PC version of Monster Hunter to launch during a "vanilla" window.

We're also curious if characters like Ryu, Sakura and Dante will be introduced at some point, as well as the Mega Man outfit for your Palico companion. The PS4 audience has Horizon's Alloy as a bonus skin, though we doubt Sony will be interested in sharing that particular perk.

We reported recently that Monster Hunter: World was one of the highest-selling games of the year, only falling behind the likes of Far Cry 5 and God of War on consoles. We imagine its standing on the overall scale will be quite a bit higher once the PC floodgates are finally open. Heck, a PC launch may even spark renewed interest in the game in general, causing World to climb even higher on the console rankings by the end of the year.

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