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Superman, shrugging at rumors.

Superman has traditionally had a rough history with video games. That history could change if a team like Rocksteady Studios was at the helm, which just so happens to be the latest (resurfacing) rumor heading into E3 2018.

This latest iteration of the Rocksteady rumor comes to us from 4chan (via Screenrant) with an anonymous source offering up details for a Superman game they claim is going to be announced soon. Given the source and the fact that this is a rumor that tends to pop up every now and again, we recommend everyone take it with the appropriately Krypton-sized grain of salt.

Still, given the timing of the rumor, its history, and the supposed impending announcement, it's worth kicking around for a hot minute.

Rocksteady is, of course, the team responsible for the highly celebrated Batman: Arkham games. Arkham Asylum was so well realized that the game drew comparisons to Bioshock in terms of world-building and the delivery of its story, with Arkham City expanding everything players loved about the original game and dropping the Caped Crusader into a massive open world version of Gotham. Arkham Knight was well received, but it didn't earn the same level of praise of the previous two outings.

Anyway, Rocksteady had apparently been kicking around the idea of giving Superman a similar treatment, even going so far as to make reference to the caped hero in Arkham Knight. There was even concept art created for the game, a piece of which actually accompanied the 4chan "announcement." By all official accounts, though, that game was scrapped.

So whether this is a legitimate resurfacing of the rumor or just someone who didn't do enough homework deciding to expand on the old scuttlebutt remains to be seen. Thankfully, they've put a deadline on whether or not their claims are legitimate. According to the post, Rocksteady plans to announce their new Batman game, which is actually a Superman game, a couple of weeks before E3. Since we're about a month out from that annual games tradeshow, we suppose that means we could only be a couple weeks out from a Rocksteady Superman announcement. Again, that's all assuming even a word of this is accurate and not just wishful thinking.

On top of Rocksteady being at the helm, the other info provided includes that the supposed game is made in Unreal Engine 4, features an open-world version of Metropolis with semi-destructible environments, will not feature Clark Kent gameplay and will host Brainiac as the main baddie. Superman has also apparently had his powers weakened a bit and the combat is said to incorporate flying. Finally, it's supposedly set in the same universe as the Arkham games.

We'd be happy to admit we were wrong for doubting this, but we're also not going to hold our breath for a rumor with so little substance. But hey, even is Superman isn't getting announced this spring, at least we can look forward to playing as Spider-Man this fall!