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Finding Dory in Rush: A Disney-Pixar Adventure

Games that were made exclusively for the Xbox 360 Kinect were never given a great deal of attention, even though the hardware was actually pretty impressive. To that end, it's nice that some of these games are being given a second chance, and with 4K graphics on the Xbox One X and PC. Rush: A Disney-Pixar Adventure hasn't simply been given a graphical boost and the option of standard controls, but the new version of the game actually comes with additional content, in the form of new levels dedicated to one of Pixar's more recent films, Finding Dory.

Rush plays out in the form of Pixar Park, a small theme park which consists of areas dedicated to Toy Story, Up, Cars, The Incredibles, Ratatouille, and the aforementioned Finding Dory. Each area has three levels, but each level has numerous unlockables based on total points scored, giving players plenty of reason to go back and play each level multiple times. Often different characters that get unlocked offer different abilities, which allow for different ways to traverse the level.

The levels are all essentially endless runner style racers, where your character runs away from the camera, dodging obstacles and occasionally stopping to pick up an item or destroy a barricade in your way. They're simple enough, and can't be failed, so the goal is to finish the race as quickly as possible and by picking up as many coins as you can along the way.

While the basic gameplay is identical across the different worlds, the different sorts of characters (toys, cars, etc) keep the gameplay varied and as new characters and abilities get unlocked things change up enough to keep from getting too dull. Having said that, the game is designed fou young players and those of an older persuasion might not find quite enough variety unless they're serious Pixar fans.

If you are a serious Pixar fan, however, there's a lot to enjoy here. The animation looks as good as anything from the movies, (and probably looks amazing in 4K, I was unable to review on an Xbox One X) Hearing the voices that you're familiar with and racing through familiar locations from the films is fun. You may find yourself losing out on the best possible time because you end up stopping to look at the scenery.

Rush: A Disney Pixar Adventure was originally designed for the Xbox 360 Kinect and while the game can be played with the Xbox One Kinect, it also now has standard controls, which is likely how most will play the game. The game can also be played co-op and is an Xbox Play Anywhere title if purchased digitally.

There's enough different material to keep you busy so that you're not just replaying the same level over and over again but while a game like Disneyland Adventures gives you a hub world of the most famous theme park in the world, Rush just gives you an empty space you have to walk back and forth across in order to play a different set of levels. It's too small to do anything interesting with, but big enough to be annoying to have to walk across if you want to switch between worlds quickly in order to keep gameplay fresh. Either something to make the hub world more worthwhile, or the ability to skip it entirely, would have been nice.

The repetitiveness of the game likely means you'll only pick it up and play it small doses, but at the same time, the simple and short level design seems specifically designed for that sort of play style. What was probably meant to handle the short attention spans of the very young also means older players aren't forced to get bored either.

I have to admit I found Rush: A Disney-Pixar adventure to be an overall charming experience, though I admit my pre-disposition to Pixar in general probably aided in that, but if you're also a fan, the game is probably also worth checking out.

The review was done with an Xbox One version of the game provided by the publisher.

7 / 10 stars
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