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THQ GamesCom

THQ Nordic has a full line-up of games scheduled to appear at this year's GamesCom in Cologne, Germany. The publisher has a full slate of IP under its belt and plans to showcase various titles at this year's event, including a "horrific IP."

Details on the announcement are thin. The only thing the press release states is that it's a new installment of a well-known, mysterious and horrific IP. Well, we know it's not Darksiders III because that game was already announced a while ago. It definitely would have fit in with the whole mysterious, horrific IP moniker, but that means there's something else in store.

We know that despite THQ Nordic picking up a lot of THQ's properties, the other game that would have fit under the label -- Metro Exodus -- is not one of the titles that THQ Nordic is producing. Instead Metro Exodus is being published by Deep Silver.

Nordic Games picked up a number of other titles from various other studios, so it could be anything from a new Gothic title, to a new Painkiller. In fact, it wouldn't be surprising if it did happen to be a new Painkiller title. We haven't seen that series around for a long while, and The Escapist is also thinking that it might be Painkiller, too.

I also doubt that it's a new Red Faction game because it was never labeled as a horror title, and it wouldn't make sense to classify the sci-fi shooter as "mysterious."

The Black Mirror series isn't really that well known, and it's more of a series attached to the German region than something of a global success. Then again, GamesCom is taking place in Germany, and, technically, a new Black Mirror game might be popular with the German audience there.

Beyond the mystery IP that's being announced, THQ Nordic will also be announcing a brand new original IP that's classified as an open-world RPG set in a post-apocalyptic world. It's being labeled as a kung-fu fable, similar to the show Into The Badlands, or perhaps a western take on Fist of the North Star.

A few other games will also be present, including Elex. Piranha Bytes' open-world, sci-fi, medieval-fantasy, faction-based role-playing game has been on a lot of people's radar since it was announced. And, I'm sure THQ would love to show off more of the game to help entice gamers into considering a purchase of the title. In a way, having Piranha Bytes work on Elex does sort of mean that Gothic might be off the table as far as new announcements are concerned. So maybe we should scratch Gothic off the list? I doubt that THQ would have Piranha Bytes working on two high-profile open-world RPGs at once.

Anyway, Battle Chaser: Nightwar will also be on display, along with demos being put out at GamesCom for the Nintendo Switch version of the title. There's also going to be Aquanox: Deep Descent and SpellForce 3.

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