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Looks Like The Batman Will Use Penguin As A Villain

Break out your weaponized umbrellas!

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Zack Snyder Applauds Fan's T-Shirt-Based Justice League 2 Theory

As far as T-shirt-based theories go, this one is pretty cool.

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Star Trek Writer Alex Kurtzman Reveals His Failed Batman Movie Pitch

The writer/producer went on work on Mission: Impossible 3, Transformers and 2009's Star Trek to name a few. So, he's doing just fine.

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Deleted Justice League Clip Will Make Batman Fans Very Happy
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Zack Snyder Calls Ben Affleck 'My Perfect Batman' While Sharing New Photos
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Sounds Like A New Batman Game May Be Coming In 2019

One of the biggest breadwinners for Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has been Rocksteady's Batman: Arkham series. It's no surprise that WB would attempt to go back to the well of the Dark Knight for a new game. In fact, we could see a new title arriving as soon as 2019.

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Gotham's Full Season 5 Trailer Goes Hard On Bane, Catwoman And Joker Madness

Gotham brings out all the villains for the first full look at Season 5.

Titans Reveals Unexpected First Look At Ventriloquist, Scarface And Possibly The Riddler

Titans is going in full Batman mode for its Season 1 finale.

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James Wan Wanted To Direct A Batman Movie, With A Twist

There are few directors who wouldn't want to direct a Batman movie, but James Wan doesn't want to direct just any Batman movie.

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7 Ways Gotham City Should Be Used In The Elseworlds Crossover

Here are some of the things we'd be up for seeing when Gotham City appears in the "Elseworlds" crossover.

Why The Arrow-verse Crossover Won't Feature Batman In Gotham City

We now know why Batman won't be around in the "Elseworlds" crossover.

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Ezra Miller Responds To Rumors Of Ben Affleck Quitting Batman

Rumors and reports of Ben Affleck hanging up his Batman cape persist, and Ezra Miller's offered his take.

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6 Weird Marvel And DC Santa Stories That Would Make For Fascinating Movies

Here are some bizarre Santa stories from DC and Marvel that would make for fascinating films.

Kevin Conroy Reveals His Favorite Batman: The Animated Series Episode

The animated voice actor for The Dark Knight recently revealed his favorite episode from Batman: The Animated Series.

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Gal Gadot Rocked Batman's Cowl For Halloween

Even if you're already Wonder Woman, everyone wants to be Batman.

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How DC Can Save Ben Affleck's Batman

Ben Affleck's future as Bruce Wayne is uncertain, but we have an idea on how the character could be kept around.

HeroBlend #27: What Will DC Do With Batman And Superman?

Welcome to HeroBlend #27! The DCEU is, reportedly, switching things up and possibly looking to move on from Ben Affleck's Batman and Henry Cavill's Superman. So, it's time for Adrienne and special guest co-host, ReelBlend's Sean O'Connell, to talk all about what that move could mean for the cinematic universe going forward!

Ben Affleck And Henry Cavill Likely Are Done Playing Batman And Superman

The direction of the DC Universe is shifting. Again.

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New Batman TV Prequel Has Found Its Alfred Pennyworth And Thomas Wayne

The latest television Batman prequel Pennyworth has found its Alfred.

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Upcoming DC Movies: What's Next For The Extended Universe

Since 2008, Marvel Studios has built up their cinematic universe with some of the most popular movies being produced in Hollywood, but DC Comics and Warner Bros. are in the midst of creating something huge and competitive.

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