The Pirates Of The Caribbean Reboot Just Hit A Setback

The wait time on the next Pirates of the Caribbean movie attraction just went way up.

The Frozen 2 Trailer Just Shattered A Huge Animation Record

It's soon time to take "Let It Go" off repeat and see what's in store for Anna, Elsa and the Arendelle gang.

The Emotional Reason Sam Elliott Had A Hard Time With A Star Is Born’s Press

Amidst the joy of promoting the warmly received A Star is Born, Sam Elliott was surrounded by this recent tragedy.

How Much Brie Larson Is Earning For Captain Marvel

How does Brie Larson's superhero debut paycheck compare with her fellow MCU actors?

Ted Bundy Filmmaker Promises He Didn’t Plan To Put So Much Bundy Content On Netflix

Within a week of each other, Netflix's Conversations with a Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes dropped on the streaming service and Ted Bundy crime drama starring Zac Efron, Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile was picked up by Netflix after premiering at Sundance. Coincidence?

See What Simon Pegg Could Look Like As The Batman’s Riddler

Riddle me this: what do you think of Simon Pegg as Batman villain Edward Nygma?

Why Are Rom-Coms Making a Comeback?

After taking some space away from the mainstream, the once-predictable genre isn't over and done with. It's ready to dance with somebody and shake things up.

Cinematographers Aren’t Happy About The Oscars Bumping Their Category To The Commercial Break

The Academy has decided to present the awards for four categories, including Best Cinematography, during commercial breaks in order to ensure a shorter show this year.

Into The Spider-Verse Writer Reveals Yet Another Stan Lee Cameo
James Cameron Reveals What Really Happened With Matthew McConaughey And Titanic

Titanic writer/director James Cameron breaks his silence of the actor's audition for the role of Jack Dawson.

Yesterday Trailer Reveals What Would Happen If Only One Person Remembered The Beatles Existed

Danny Boyle's upcoming summer film is flooded with Beatles' hits and a clever premise about any struggling musician's dream come true.

Jonah Hill Says He Wants To Get Away From Bro Comedies Like Superbad

Guess he's not "McLovin" revisiting his Seth Rogen comedy roots.

Why Michelle Rodriguez Hasn't Signed On For Fast And Furious 9 Yet

After calling out the franchise, the actress' continuing involvement is unclear.

James Cameron Reveals Terminator 6 Title And More Details

As Terminator 6 approaches this fall... James Cameron is giving us a hint about what to expect from his return to the franchise for the first time in almost 30 years.

Wow, Sean Penn Is Really Pissed Bradley Cooper's A Star Is Born Hasn't Dominated Awards Season

The actor has some words about why he thinks A Star is Born is getting snubbed.

Fox Can Totally Thank Bohemian Rhapsody For Its Great Profit Numbers

There's still more celebration to be had for the Queen biopic's incredible success.

The Aquaman Blu-ray Will Reportedly Have A Sneak Peek At Shazam!

With the home release of Aquaman, it looks like the up-and-coming superhero debut is getting a little help from a friend(?).

No One Wanted Phil Lord Or Chris Miller To Make A LEGO Movie Sequel

The writing pair who have found have success with the Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs movies and more recently with Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse were originally not encouraged to move forward with The LEGO Movie 2. Not awesome...

The Suicide Squad: Who Should And Shouldn’t Return

Which of these folks deserves another outing with Task Force X?

Allison Janney Is Heartbroken She Won’t Be Presenting At The Oscars After Win
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