Rocketman Has Screened, See What People Are Saying

Did Rocketman feel the love tonight with critics?

Having Adorable Dog Co-Stars Can Be A Struggle According To A Dog’s Journey Cast
The Twilight Franchise Had The Perfect Response To Robert Pattinson’s Possible Batman Role

The Twilight franchise is all in on the vampire turning into the Bat.

Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil, and Vile Writer Explains Why The Netflix Movie Has No Actual Murder

Here are some answers if you were confused why the Netflix film about Ted Bundy is more love story then slasher flick.

Netflix's Always Be My Maybe Trailer: Watch Keanu Reeves And Ali Wong Dirty Talk

The John Wick actor looks to be quite the scene-stealer in Netflix's upcoming rom-com.

How Dennis Quaid Got The Dogs’ Attention On The Set of A Dog’s Journey

The actor didn't fur-get how to work alongside his dog co-stars.

Watch Robert Downey Jr. Wrap On Avengers: Endgame
A Dog’s Journey Review

Sure it’s a whole lot of fluff, but you just can’t help but go along and pet this story as it strolls along.

M. Night Shyamalan Is Working On His First Movie Post-Glass

The Sixth Sense filmmaker is starting fresh after his recent box office success this year.

Stan Lee’s Business Manager Has Been Charged With Elder Abuse
What Fans Should Know About Anne Hathaway

Outside of her career spanning from a princess to a con artist, there's a lot you may not know about the actress.

Watch Aladdin’s Will Smith Belt Out ‘Prince Ali’ In New Clip

Oh, come! Be the first on your block to meet his eye!

Midsommar Trailer: Watch A Vacation Become A Cultish Nightmare

The writer/director of Hereditary is back to scare us shitless, this time in broad daylight.

Wine Country Review

It just won’t hold the audience over throughout, and fans of the female SNL icons likely will be disappointed.

Ryan Reynolds Has A Perfect Mother's Day Message For Detective Pikachu Fans

The actor is attempting to separate himself from his Deadpool character this weekend.

Judy Trailer: Renée Zellweger Is Unrecognizable As Judy Garland

The actress is taking on the Wizard of Oz icon during her last tour as a singer.

John Wick 3 Filming Was Hijacked By A Thousand Ballsy Cats

It was raining cats and dogs on the set of the latest John Wick.

How Spider-Man: Far From Home Can Wrap Up Marvel's Phase Three
There’s A John Wick Video Game In The Works

It's time for us all to avenge Daisy.

Captain Marvel Really Thought Out Goose’s Tentacles

Crafting the cat's big scenes were apparently the most difficult in the film to pull off.

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