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Dark Side Of The Ring Boss Explains Why The Fabulous Moolah Controversy Got An Episode

CinemaBlend spoke with Dark Side of the Ring's EP, who talked all about approaching the Fabulous Moolah's long legacy for the Season 1 finale.

Jim Parsons Gave Smart Advice To Big Bang Theory Writer About Series Finale

The cast and crew were under a lot of pressure when bringing an end to The Big Bang Theory.

Beverly Hills 90210 Reboot Shake-Up: The Showrunner And Writers Totally Quit

The drama was supposed to wait until the show actually started, but apparently it just couldn't wait.

How Young Sheldon Used All The Other Big Bang Theory Characters For Season 2 Finale

Check out how Young Sheldon paid tribute to the titular character's future friends on The Big Bang Theory.

Rick And Morty + Kanye West = Season 4 Thing That Could Happen

Will Kanye West heed the call of duty to get schwifty for Season 4 of Rick and Morty?

Jeopardy Is Topping Game Of Thrones And Big Bang Theory Ratings, Thanks To James Holzhauer
Jim Parsons Reveals Deeper Answer For Why He Wanted To Leave The Big Bang Theory

This is quite possibly the most un-Sheldon thing Jim Parsons could have said.

Wizarding World Of Harry Potter: 5 Must-See Attractions At Harry Potter World

As close as fans can get to the universe without being a fictional character, the Wizarding World of Harry Potter is a dream come alive.

The Flash And Arrow Are Finally Paired Up For The CW's 2019-2020 Fall TV Schedule

For Arrow's final season, The CW is moving it yet again, only to the most sensible place possible for once.

Wheel Of Fortune's Vanna White Reveals The Only Argument She's Had With Pat Sajak In 36 Years

When's the last time you had a spat with a co-worker? Have you worked with them for 36 years?

Jimmy Kimmel Won't Be Leaving His ABC Talk Show Any Time Soon

Jimmy Kimmel has been on the late night scene for longer than fans might imagine, and he won't be going anywhere in the foreseeable future.

9 More Network TV Shows That Got Cancelled

Remember all the shows that got cancelled last week? Here's all the ones that got the axe in the meantime.

Former Guest's Suicide Leads To U.K. Talk Show The Jeremy Kyle Show Getting Pulled From The Air

A tragic incident has caused a popular U.K. talk show to get pulled from the air, possibly for good.

Big Bang Theory's Chuck Lorre Reveals The Biggest Creative Fights Of His Career

While celebrating The Big Bang Theory's finale, Chuck Lorre looked back across his career to reflect on some low points.

Last Man Standing's Tim Allen Reveals Schedule Change For Season 8 On Fox

Fans won't get to see the Baxter family again in 2019, and Tim Allen has revealed changes coming in 2020.

How Family Guy Finally Wrapped Up Mayor Adam West's Story For Season Finale

Family Guy finally got around to wrapping up the death of Mayor Adam West, and it was as irreverent as expected.

Power Ranger Jason Chan Pays Tribute After Pua Magasiva Dies At 38

Power Rangers vet Pua Magasiva passed away over the weekend, and some of his co-stars shared heartfelt posts.

MacGyver's Richard Dean Anderson Shares Blunt Criticisms About CBS Reboot

Richard Anderson played one of the smartest secret agents on TV, but why didn't he return for CBS' reboot?

Fox's 2019-2020 Fall TV Schedule Reveals Premieres For Empire's Final Season And WWE Smackdown
All The Big TV Cancellations That Just Went Down

All the biggest cancellations of the week so far!

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