Bond 25 Reportedly Hired An 'Intimacy Coordinator' For Sex Scenes

The franchise known for its steamy sex scenes may be getting some help behind-the-scenes to make sure everyone feels comfortable filming those scenes.

Watch Arnold Schwarzenegger Get Drop Kicked And Barely Flinch

The actor proved to be nearly as immovable as many of his on-screen characters.

Forget John Wick, Detective Pikachu Dominated The International Box Office
New Mortal Kombat Movie Gets A Release Date, And Some Powerful Competition

The adaptation of the popular fighting game will be testing its might against the most powerful man in the universe.

New Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker Rumor Claims Billie Lourd Is Carrie Fisher's Stand-In

Carrie Fisher's daughter has played Lieutenant Connix in the first two sequel trilogy films, but she may be doing something extra special in December's closing chapter in the Skywalker Saga.

How Much Spider-Man: Far From Home Could Make In Its Opening Weekend

How big will the first post-Endgame MCU movie go?

The Secret Life Of Pets 2's Opening Is Outpacing Dark Phoenix

It may be better to burn out than fade away, but the X-Men franchise may have to settle for the latter.

Godzilla: King Of The Monsters Production Designer Really Doesn't Want To F-Up The Monsters

Scott Chambliss was part of the team that had the daunting task of updating iconic cinematic monsters.

How Rocketman's Taron Egerton Feels About Bohemian Rhapsody

The star of the new Elton John film revealed how he feels about last year's smash hit Freddie Mercury biopic and the obvious comparisons that have been made between the two movies.

Michelle Rodriguez Reportedly Returning For Fast And Furious 9 After Female Writer Is Hired

The actress previously hinted that she might not return if the franchise's female characters didn't get more love.

Is Poms' Box Office Failure Tied To Yikes Reviews?

Poms is this year's biggest box office flop so far. Are bad reviews why this cheerleader comedy failed to stick the landing?

The Shameless Main Characters, Ranked From Least To Most Shameless

The characters on Showtime's long-running dramedy truly live up to the show's title, but some much more than others.

Jumanji's Karen Gillan Says She's Been In 'Actual Pain' From Laughing On Set

Laughter-induced pain is one of the potential side effects of working with The Rock, Kevin Hart and Jack Black everyday.

Watch Halle Berry's Intense Weapon Training For John Wick 3

The Oscar-winning actress wasn't just acting like a badass for this movie, she trained to actually become one.

Bill Murray Is Down To Return For The New Ghostbusters Movie

Who ya gonna call? Bill Murray. Call him right now!

Bohemian Rhapsody Editor Drops F-Bomb Over Viral Mocked Scene

As much as you might dislike the scene where Queen meets John Reid, editor John Ottman dislikes it more.

Why Detective Pikachu And Sonic The Hedgehog Are Taking Totally Different Approaches To Their Big Screen Movies

The contrasting styles and reactions to this year's two biggest video game movies say a lot about the different approaches each took to adaptation of iconic properties.

New Spider-Man: Far From Home Poster Is All About Iron Man

Robert Downey Jr. may not have another role in Spidey's second MCU movie, but his presence will be felt throughout.

How Captain America Holds Back Thanos In Avengers: Infinity War

Cap holds his own in a game of mercy with Thanos at the end of Avengers: Infinity War, but how?

Meagan Good Loves A Very Specific Part About Her Top Secret Shazam Role

Yes, Meagan Good is in Shazam! but don't read ahead until you've seen the movie.

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