Zombieland Writer Shoots Down Rumored Title

Despite a rumored title floating out there, the Zombieland sequel has joined Star Wars: Episode IX in the mysterious title game.

The Best Reviewed Movies Of 2018, According To Rotten Tomatoes

Last year was full of critically-acclaimed movies, but which ones were the best-reviewed overall? Read on to find out.

How Much The Lego Movie 2 Could Make Opening Weekend

Will everything be awesome at the box office when The Lego Movie 2 arrives in theaters?

Sylvester Stallone Regrets Killing Off Apollo Creed In Rocky IV

Apollo Creed's death was a turning point for the Rocky franchise and one of it's most memorable moments, but Sly now wishes he didn't kill off Carl Weathers' character when he did.

Bird Box In Hot Water Over Real-Life Disaster Footage

The hit Netflix film has once again found itself the source of controversy.

Star Wars: Episode 9 Rumors - Will We See Snoke Again?

There might be reason to think so if some rumors are to be believed.

The Original Ghostbusters Cast React To First Teaser

The news of a continuation of the beloved franchise did not go unnoticed by the original Ghostbusters.

M. Night Shyamalan Has Been Funding His Own Movies, Including Glass

The director's comeback has come on his own dime.

Watch Lego Batman Fall In Love In New Lego Movie 2 Clip

He may have lost Wyldstyle to Emmet, but Lego Batman has a new lady in his life and the Dark Knight is positively smitten.

Katherine Waterston Is Down For Another Alien Movie

Katherine Waterston's character was one of the few survivors in Alien: Covenant, and the actress is up for reprising her role if the option presents itself.

How The Spider-Man: Far From Home Trailer Is Keeping Us In The Dark About Its Timeline

The art of trailer legerdemain continues with the first trailer for Spider-Man: Far From Home keeping the secret of when exactly this movie takes place.

James McAvoy Doesn't Know If The X-Men Would Work In The MCU

The X-Men are coming to the MCU eventually, but the current Professor X isn't so sure how it will work.

Why The Black Widow Movie Should Be R-Rated

There is a rumor that an R rating was in the discussion for the Black Widow solo movie. Here's why Marvel should take the risk and go for it.

The Uncharted Movie Has Finally Found A New Director

Sony's long in development video game adaptation has landed a new director after the departure of Shawn Levy.

Bumblebee Has Quietly Been Making A Lot Of Money Worldwide

While more attention is being paid to Aquaman and Mary Poppins Returns, the Transformers spinoff film has been quietly chugging along and taking in an impressive haul.

Tom Hiddleston Believes That Loki Redeemed Himself During Avengers: Infinity War

Loki got his Darth Vader in Return of the Jedi moment in Avengers: Infinity War, but was that enough to redeem him? Tom Hiddleston thinks so.

Final Destination Is Getting A Reboot

Like Death in the Final Destination franchise, reboots are inescapable.

Anthony Mackie Tries To Survive The Apocalypse In Netflix's IO Trailer

Anthony Mackie is going to need more than Falcon's wings to survive a toxic earth in this sci-fi film.

It's Not Just American Fans Who Love Bohemian Rhapsody

Like Queen itself, Bohemian Rhapsody is proving to have global appeal.

John Cho Is Still Hoping For Star Trek 4

The recent news of the project being shelved has not daunted Sulu's hopes to take the helm again someday.

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