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Jumanji 3, An Updated Cast List

Jumanji 3 is already shaping up to have a killer cast! See who's who, inside.

3 Reasons To Watch Bad Times At The El Royale If You Missed It In Theaters

So you missed Bad Times At The El Royale in theaters. That's not a problem.

Bad Boys For Life Is Finally Filming, According To Will Smith

Bad Boys For Life has finally started princpal photography, just ask Will Smith. Better still, save your question, and head inside to see what he had to say.

A Dog’s Way Home Review

It's ruff to sit and stay through A Dog's Way Home, and anyone who can do so without walking out deserves a treat.

Maybe Its Time For The Academy To Stop Televising The Oscars

Try not to hear Bradley Cooper singing that headline in your head. We dare you.

The Upside Review

It's sad to say it, but there's very little upside to seeing The Upside.

7 Big Movies Heading To Theaters In January 2019

It's only the start of 2019, and some particularly exciting films are heading our way!

Escape Room Ending: What Happens, And What It Could Mean For The Future

The ending to Escape Room unpacks a lot of what happened in the film before it, as well as where the franchise could head in the future.

Bohemian Rhapsody Got A Huge Boost From The Golden Globes

Bohemian Rhapsody just rocked the Golden Globes... and increased its odds for Oscar glory.

Rami Malek Introduced Himself To Lady Gaga At The Globes In The Cutest Way

Rami Malek and Lady Gaga met tonight, and the results were predictably adorable.

Escape Room Review

Escape Room is a fun morsel of junk food, ready to be devoured by its PG-13 target audience and anyone looking for something new in this desert of content known as January.

New Movie Releases: 2019 Movie Release Date Schedule

Here comes 2019's release schedule, with so many interesting and amazing titles to choose from, it's hard to keep track. Good thing we have this list here for all of your needs for the year.

10 Netflix Movies From 2018 That Changed How We View The Film Industry

2018 is the year of Netflix, and these movies paved the way!

The Top 10 Movies of 2018, According To Mike

2018 was an amazing year for movies. Here are the 10 I think made the most impact.

The 12 Best Lines Of Movie Dialogue In 2018

Don't quote us, but this year's been pretty amazing when it comes to movie dialogue.

Second Act Review

Even fans of Jennifer Lopez, or the more genre friendly films that Second Act has in mind in its execution, are going to want to inquire elsewhere.

Official Hellboy Trailer Is Fun, Definitely R-rated

It's beginning to look a lot like Hellboy! Get a look at an early holiday present, with the first trailer.

To 3D Or Not To 3D: Buy The Right Mortal Engines Ticket

Is Mortal Engines worth the 3D ticket money, or are you better off donating the extra Quirks to the St. Paul's Energy Project?

Mortal Engines Review

Perhaps Mortal Engines' strongest card in its deck of tricks is, again, its world building.

Mary Queen Of Scots Review

For a film covering a pivotal period of real life history, it's sad to say that in Mary Queen of Scots, it doesn't feel like one important thing happens in the entire movie.

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