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The 16 Best Basketball Films To Binge During March Madness

Here are the top 16 films to watch while March Madness rages on.

Star Trek: Discovery Just Revealed The Red Angel, And We're Super Confused

We're really confused by Star Trek: Discovery's latest reveal.

Is Advertising Making Us Miserable? New Study Says It May Be So

Do ads make us sad? This study offers some interesting insight.

First Deadwood: The Movie Trailer Is Full Of Al And Seth, Yet A Startling Lack Of Swear Words
The Greatest Star Wars Memes For Any Situation

If you're looking for some of the best and most versatile Star Wars memes, you've come to the right place.

Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists' Creator Talks That WTF Series Premiere Ending

The show's creator gave some explanation behind that wild ending.

Why Airlines And Studios Should Allow First Run Movies On Flights

It's time we elevate the movie-going experience.

Did Black Lightning Tease A Bat-Connection To The Arrow-verse?

Black Lightning made a pretty big mention that may be a clue towards an Arrow-verse connection.

Michael Rosenbaum Has Reacted To Jon Cryer's Version Of Lex Luthor On Supergirl

The CW's last famous Lex Luthor has reacted to the new one on Supergirl.

6 Theories About Stranger Things' Mysterious Rats Teaser

Here's some theories we have on Stranger Things Season 3's latest footage.

One Easy Way The Flash Can Solve A Big Problem

There's a rather simple solution to Team Flash's latest problem.

Doctor Sleep: An Updated Cast List

Here's the latest on who is involved in the adaptation of Stephen King's sequel to The Shining.

Theranos Documentary Director Talks Why Elizabeth Holmes Wasn't Interviewed

Alex Gibney explained why Theranos' Elizabeth Holmes wasn't interviewed for the documentary.

Star Trek: Discovery Is Losing Two Major Characters Ahead Of Season 3

Two Discovery characters will be exiting ahead of Season 3.

What If Game Of Thrones Doesn't End With A Winner?

This is a very real possibility, people.

Watch Former American Idol Champion Maddie Poppe Go Undercover To Audition Again

Last season's champion appeared on American Idol in a truly unsuspecting way.

Saturday Night Live Accused Of Plagiarizing Sex-Focused Sketches

The NBC sketch comedy series is under scrutiny for allegedly plagiarizing other sketches.

Legends Of Tomorrow Will Return With All Kinds Of Costume Questions

Legends of Tomorrow's showrunner explained how costumes will come into play throughout the rest of Season 4.

10 MCU Events Marvel's 'What If' Series Should Tackle

If the "What If" series is happening, here are some scenarios we'd like to see it tackle.

Did The Walking Dead Just Start Setting Up Michonne's Eventual Exit?

Did The Walking Dead just lay the groundwork for Michonne's eventual exit?

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