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Star Trek: Discovery May Have Revealed Why Spock Never Talked About Michael Burnham

Star Trek: Discovery detailed some of Spock and Michael's relationship, and wow.

Why Ghostbusters Should Finally Set Up A Multiverse

I ain't afraid of no inter-dimensional ghost universe adventures.

Why Star Trek: Discovery's Anson Mount Was So Shocked When He Was Cast

Anson Mount was really surprised when he joined the cast of Star Trek: Discovery.

Oliver Makes A Promise He Probably Can't Keep In New Arrow Midseason Trailer

Oliver is making some bold proclamations to the public that may come back to bite him.

Riverdale's Midseason Premiere Featured A Hookup We Totally Weren't Expecting

Riverdale really just blew our minds with that unexpected hookup.

What All The Former Criminal Minds Cast Members Are Doing Now

Here's what the folks who were once on Criminal Minds are doing now.

Why This Is Us Fans Should Be Worried About Randall And Beth

Sterling K. Brown's recent statements about Randall and Beth may set fans on edge.

How The Flash Is Making That Future Newspaper More Important

Flash fans have been seeing that fateful newspaper headline for five years now.

Did This Is Us Foreshadow What Goes Wrong With Beth And Randall?

Did This Is Us just reveal what drove them apart?

Why The Next Star Wars Trilogy Should Have A Nonhuman Lead

It's time for Star Wars to switch things up.

This Is Us Just Cast A Timeless Star For Season 3

This Is Us just found a Timeless star to take on a character in Season 3.

Game Of Thrones' Showrunners Kinda Wish Trailers Weren't A Thing Anymore

Game of Thrones' big decision makers are on the fence about trailers at the moment.

Watch America's Got Talent: The Champions' Opera Rocker Deliver A Stunning Bohemian Rhapsody Performance

Watch an opera rocker bring down the house on America's Got Talent: The Champions.

The Simpsons Featured The Disappearing Homer Meme In Most Meta Moment Ever

The Simpsons used one of its memes in the best way ever.

All The Marvel Shows Rumored To Be Heading To The Disney+ Streaming Service

Here are all the rumored shows that may be headed to Disney+.

How The Flash Will Handle Nora And Reverse-Flash's Partnership

The Flash's showrunner explained how the Nora and Reverse-Flash's partnership will be explored.

Michelle Yeoh's Star Trek Spinoff Is Confirmed With More Details

Star Trek has officially confirmed another new series is in development.

Who Are The Masked Singer's Celebrity Contestants? Here Are Our Best Guesses

We've got some guesses as to who The Masked Singer's mystery celebrities are.

Why Captain Marvel's New Power Has Us Worried

Captain Marvel may have a new power, and it could cause problems for the MCU.

OK, The Celebrity Big Brother 2019 Cast Is Insane

The cast for the latest season of Celebrity Big Brother is absolutely bonkers.

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