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The Voice: Was Maelyn Jarmon's Chilling Performance Of 'Hallelujah' Enough To Make Her Season 16's Champion?

Did The Voice contestant just score a victory with her final song of the evening?

Why Blood And Treasure Is The Ultimate Summer Series, According To One Star

A star of CBS' Blood & Treasure explained why it's a great series to watch this summer.

Why Now Is The Best Time For Robert Pattinson's Batman

Regardless of whether DC fans are for or against the actor playing Batman, neither can deny the timing of his casting is perfect.

How Sophie Turner Feels About Sansa Stark's Game Of Thrones Ending

Sophie Turner shared her thoughts on how Sansa's story ended.

Why Didn't American Idol Winner Maddie Poppe Perform On 2019 Finale?

Why didn't American Idol have Maddie Poppe perform?

The 7 Best And Most Realistic War Movies

Here are the best and most realistic war movies in cinema.

American Idol Season 17 Just Announced Its Big Winner

American Idol has declared its winner for Season 17.

A Game Of Thrones Spinoff With Ghost And Tormund Is 'A Great Idea,' Actor Says

The Tormund actor is on board with a spinoff that involves Jon Snow's direwolf Ghost.

Sebastian Stan Wants Bucky To Do Normal Things Like Date In New Disney+ Series

Sebastian Stan is ready for Bucky to do something that doesn't necessarily involve fighting.

Game Of Thrones Finale: Emilia Clarke Posts Emotional Goodbye To The Mother Of Dragons

Emilia Clarke gave a fond farewell to her character and the HBO show.

All The Harry Potter Movies, Ranked

Here it is, a definitive ranked guide of Harry Potter movies.

NCIS Is Bringing Back An Unexpected Character In The Season 16 Finale, And WTF?

NCIS is bringing back a truly unexpected character for its season finale.

6 Criticisms Of Game Of Thrones Season 8

Here are some of the gripes folks have with Game of Thrones Season 8.

Battlestar Galactica's Tricia Helfer Will Play Dracula On TV, And We Are So There For It
Samurai Jack Creator Has Another Badass Show Coming To Adult Swim

Genndy Tartakovsky has a new animated series on the way.

12 CBS All Access Shows That You Should Be Watching

Here are the shows on CBS All Access that you could, and should, be watching right now.

9-1-1's Season 2 Finale Shocker Almost Didn't Happen

One of 9-1-1's biggest Season 2 finale moments almost didn't happen.

How Detective Pikachu May Set The Stage For Major Pokemon Character Ash Ketchum

There is a clear path towards making this happen now.

A Hellboy TV Show, and 6 More Netflix Projects We Want From That Dark Horse Deal

These are the franchises Netflix should be hitting up Dark Horse about.

The Breaking Bad Movie Won't Bring Back A Main Character, According To The Actor

One former Breaking Bad actor confirmed they won't be back for the movie.

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