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Dave Bautista Shares Photo In Drax’s First Shirt
Frozen 2 Will Feature A Time Jump
Captain Marvel Got A Funny Shout Out In Jessica Jones Season 3
Toy Story 4 Director Explains Why The Toy Story Movies Didn't End With 3
Don't Expect Marvel To Reboot Avengers: Endgame's Dead Characters Anytime Soon
Brian Tyree Henry Says Joker Will Be ‘Very Different’ From Other Versions Of The Character
Watch Chris Hemsworth Jam To Johnny Cash As Thor In Endgame
Captain Marvel Almost Didn’t Get Her New Avengers: Endgame Look

They didn't want a Felicity situation on their hands.

Paul Rudd Encourages Marvel Fans To Campaign For Ant-Man 3
See What Robert Pattinson And Vanessa Hudgens Could Look Like As DC’s Bruce Wayne And Selina Kyle
That Time Dave Bautista Got In Trouble Over Avengers: Endgame Spoilers
Dark Phoenix Was Actually Inspired By The Dark Knight Trilogy

Simon Kinberg took inspiration from within the genre for Dark Phoenix.

After James Gunn Rehire, Dave Bautista Has Seemingly Buried The Hatchet With Marvel
Chris Pine Reflects On Anton Yelchin’s Secret Illness Filming Star Trek Beyond
James Cameron Shares Epic Photo Of Linda Hamilton As Sarah Connor

The property is going back to basics for Terminator: Dark World, direct sequel to T2 with Linda Hamilton returning to the role of Sarah Connor.

The Rise Of Skywalker’s Editor Had To Convince J.J. Abrams To Let Her Cut The Movie On Set
Mindy Kaling Confirms She’s Had Talks With Marvel Studios About Ms. Marvel
Avengers: Infinity War Had Cut Scenes With Hulk And Black Widow
How Captain Marvel's Reshoots And Editing Helped Clarify The Story

Here's what Captain Marvel's directors told CinemaBlend.

Ant-Man Would've Been Crushed Up Thanos' Butt, Endgame Writer Explains
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