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Why Booksmart Feels So Similar To Superbad

The comparisons to Superbad make a lot of sense.

Booksmart’s Female-Driven Story Isn’t Just For Women, According To Director Olivia Wilde
The Rock's Fast And Furious Spinoff: Here's What We Know About Hobbs And Shaw

Wondering what's going on with The Rock's Fast and Furious spinoff? Then let's dive in and go through the details!

Batman Solo Movie: Everything We Know So Far

We have a release date! But we have no Batman. Here's everything we know so far on Matt Reeves' upcoming movie.

Aquaman: What We Know So Far

James Wan's Aquaman is currently slated to hit theaters next year. Here's everything that we currently know about the upcoming aquatic DC adventure.

Why Mary Poppins Returns’ Songs Were Easier For Emily Blunt Than Into The Woods

Speaking with CinemaBlend and other outlets during a visit to the film's set last year, Emily Blunt opened up and explained that the fact that Mary Poppins Returns has an entirely original soundtrack has actually made this process quite easy for her.

Why It’s Time For Another Mary Poppins Movie, According To Producer Marc Platt

Some movies just have a way of capturing a moment or an element of the zeitgeist. Such is the case of Mary Poppins Returns, as producer Marc Platt opened up to CinemaBlend and other outlets during a visit to the film's set last year.

Why Emily Blunt Didn’t Watch The Original Mary Poppins To Prepare For Mary Poppins Returns

Recasting a beloved movie character comes with its own unique set of challenges. Whether it's James Bond or Han Solo, there are always obstacles in the process of bringing a new actor into a well-known series.

Peppermint Review

Peppermint centers its story on Riley North, a Southern California mom trying her best to make ends meet while also building a happy and stable life for her young daughter.

Apparently Jennifer Garner Doesn’t Agree With Her Peppermint Character

Just because she plays a character doesn't mean she has to agree with her.

William Shatner Opens Up About Not Attending Leonard Nimoy’s Funeral

The sci-fi legend breaks his silence on the matter.

What Jeff Goldblum Thought About His Giant Shirtless Jurassic Park Statue
New Halloween Trailer Straight Up Brings In A Halloween II Scene
The Conjuring Franchise’s Honest Trailer Goes After The Growing Shared Universe
See What Norman Reedus Would Look Like As Marvel’s Ghost Rider

The Walking Dead actor looks totally badass as the flaming skull guy.

Ant-Man’s Evangeline Lilly Stood Up And Cheered For One Avengers: Infinity War Moment
The Wild Way Halloween’s Original Michael Myers Got The Role

Nick Castle explains how he became the man behind the mask.

Avengers 4 Fan Art Reimagines The Shawarma Scene With Surviving Heroes
Why Jennifer Garner Returned To Action With Peppermint

If you want to see that motherly rage in action for yourself, then make sure to check out Peppermint when Jennifer Garner's new movie debuts in theaters on September 7.

Neil Armstrong’s Sons Respond To Flag Planting Controversy

The Armstrong family responds to the backlash.

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