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Chris Harrison Confirms Bachelorette Spoilers About Hannah's Sex Fight With Luke P.

Luke P. has already caused a lot of drama on Hannah Brown's season of The Bachelorette, but now Chris Harrison seems to have confirmed that even more is coming.

HeroBlend #59: Dark Phoenix Bombs, Plus What's Next For The X-Men Franchise

Welcome to HeroBlend #59! This week, Eric and Adrienne have a big surprise in store for you, plus we'll be discussing the fallout from X-Men: Dark Phoenix bombing and what could be next for the franchise!

How Glenn Howerton's A.P. Bio Wrapped Up For Its Series Finale

Glenn Howerton's A.P. Bio has crossed the final finish line, and we've got the details about how the comedy went out.

Dead To Me's Creator Reveals Netflix Studio Note That Made Her 'Pissed' And 'Confrontational'

It's pretty standard for creators to get notes from the networks or studios where they're making their TV shows and movies, but Dead to Me creator Liz Feldman has revealed the one note from Netflix that really pissed her off.

Sophie Turner Just Made A Compelling Case Against Kit Harington For Game Of Thrones' Coffee Cup

So, who's fault was that Starbucks coffee cup that got left in an important Game of Thrones scene? Sophie Turner is totally blaming Kit Harington.

HBO's New Show Euphoria Features Lots Of Nude Penises And Will Leave Parents 'Freaked Out'

HBO's newest show, Euphoria, is looking to break some boundaries when it comes to what we see on TV.

The Bachelorette: Hannah And Luke P. Might Have Just Had The Most Infuriatingly Frustrating Date In Franchise History

Things reached an unexpected fever pitch on The Bachelorette tonight with one of the most infuriatingly frustrating dates in the history of the franchise.

HeroBlend #58: X-Men: Dark Phoenix Review

Welcome to HeroBlend #58! This week Eric and Adrienne will talk over the possibilities of The Batman and give spoiler-free and spoiler-filled reviews of X-Men: Dark Phoenix!

Hallmark Is Kicking Off Its Christmas Movies Ridiculously Early This Year

The Hallmark Channel is the best place to see new movies every Christmas season, but now the holiday party is getting started even earlier.

HeroBlend #57: Speculating On The Next 3 Years Of Marvel Movies

Welcome to HeroBlend #57! This week, special guest co-host, ReelBlend's Sean O'Connell, joins Adrienne to talk about what we think is coming up in the next three years of MCU movies!

Jennifer Carpenter's The Enemy Within And Two More Shows Cancelled By NBC

NBC just put The Enemy Within, and two more shows, out to pasture.

Game Of Thrones Probably Sent A Character To Certain Death Without Viewers Noticing
America's Got Talent Quickly Hits Ratings Snag With Season 14 Premiere

America's Got Talent came back for Season 14 this week, but has faltered a bit right out of the gate.

Game of Thrones Petitioners Have Now Decided To Do Something Positive

Some of the people who were behind that now infamous Game of Thrones petition have decided to do something good.

Swamp Thing Reviews Are In, Here's What Critics Think About DC Universe's New Superhero Horror

DC Universe's Swamp Thing is about to debut, and we finally know what the critics are saying about it.

Rumor: Adam Levine's Voice Exit May Be Tied To Embarrassing NBC Execs At Upfronts

Did Adam Levine lose his gig as a coach on The Voice because he embarrassed NBC executives? Let's dig into this rumor, shall we?

Steve Harvey Has Some Thoughts About His Show Being Cancelled

Steve Harvey's daytime talk show has been cancelled, and he's got some things to say about it.

How The Ghost Sex TV Lady Feels About All The Media Attention

Amethyst Realm, who will forever be known as the Ghost Sex Lady, has spoken out about what all the media attention is like for her.

HeroBlend #56: Brightburn Director David Yarovesky Talks Working With James Gunn, Creating A Terrifying Superhero

Welcome to HeroBlend #56! This week, Eric and Adrienne will reveal the results of CinemaBlend's poll that lets fans rank all the MCU movies, talk about the superhero horror outing, Brightburn, and play Eric's interview with the film's director!

Patrick Stewart's Picard Promo Features Star Trek: TNG Callback And Asks A Big Question

We've finally gotten a look at the latest CBS All Access Star Trek series, Picard, and it features a nice callback for fans of The Next Generation while also asking a pretty big question.

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