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Natalie Morales Is Leaving Access Hollywood

Natalie Morales is leaving Access Hollywood behind, but that doesn't mean we won't see her on NBC again.

HeroBlend #51: Avengers: Endgame Final Predictions And Interview With Producer Trinh Tran

Welcome to HeroBlend# 51! This week, Eric and Adrienne are going to dive into her thoughts on Hellboy and talk some spoilers, and give some fearless predictions on what might happen in Avengers: Endgame, along with an interview with Infinity War and Endgame producer Trinh Tran!

Why The Big Bang Theory's Amy Is Having A Meltdown Over The Nobel Prize

Well, this potential Nobel Prize is still causing trouble on The Big Bang Theory, and poor Amy is now in the middle of a meltdown over it.

Kit Harington Thinks Anyone Who Hates Game Of Thrones Season 8 Should 'Eff Themselves'

Kit Harington is not here for anyone who decides to bash Game of Thrones' final season!

Ouch! One Of Kit Harington's Balls Got Stuck While Filming The Premiere's Dragon Scene

Yes. You read that right. Let's just get into this, shall we?

Game of Thrones: Why It Was Good That Jon Got The Truth From Sam, According To The Star

Jon Snow finally got the truth of his parentage on Game of Thrones' Season 8 premiere, and one star thinks having Jon's old friend Sam deliver the news was the best option.

Good Girls Renewed For Season 3 On NBC

The Good Girls will be back to do more very bad things in Season 3!

We Are Here For These Game Of Thrones And Avengers Crossover Ideas

Folks are taking to Twitter to champion their dream Game of Thrones and Avengers team-ups, and the results are pretty perfect.

HeroBlend #50: Shazam! 2 And Hellboy Reactions

Welcome to HeroBlend #50! This week, Eric and Adrienne are going to talk about what might happen in Shazam! 2 and give a spoiler free reaction to Hellboy!

The Simpsons Will Have A New Streaming Home When Disney+ Launches

If you've been hoping to have one place where you can stream all of The Simpsons and just totally forget your life for a few weeks (Months?), it looks like Disney+ might be for you.

Netflix Isn't Backing Down Over Our Planet's Disturbing Walrus Deaths

The cause of those disturbing walrus deaths in the Netflix documentary Our Planet has been called into question, but Netflix appears to be standing by the series.

How If Beale Street Could Talk Reminds Regina King Of A Classic TV Show

If you've seen If Beale Street Could Talk then you know that it's one of the most original love stories ever put on the big screen. Now, though, we know that Oscar-winning star Regina King is reminded of a classic sitcom when she thinks of one particular aspect of the story.

HeroBlend #49: Shazam! Review And An Interview With Producer Peter Safran

Welcome to HeroBlend #49! This week, Eric and Adrienne have their reviews of Shazam! for you, plus Eric's interview with the film's producer, Peter Safran!

Why Amy Might Have Cost Herself The Nobel Prize On The Big Bang Theory

The battle for which team of scientists will take the forefront and end up with the Nobel Prize for discovering super asymmetry has gotten very (comedically) heated on The Big Bang Theory, and it looks like Amy might have just cost herself a shot at the big prize.

Watch SNL's Leslie Jones Trick Kit Harington Into Playing Along With Her Game Of Thrones Fantasy

Kit Harington is hosting Saturday Night Live this weekend, and it would be fair to say that Leslie Jones is very excited about the Game of Thrones star's appearance.

A Discovery Of Witches Review: Magical Drama Will Leave Romance Fans Wanting More

A Discovery of Witches hits AMC and BBC America soon, and fans of atmospheric romance and magical tales will be left wanting more.

HeroBlend #48: Breaking Down The Living And Dead Characters Of Avengers: Endgame

Welcome to HeroBlend #48! Eric and Adrienne have a big show for you today, and will be discussing the newly revealed living and dead characters of Avengers: Endgame, plus talking about which of the pre-Disney / Fox merger X-Men movie plans we think should stick and which should be scrapped!

Brooklyn Nine-Nine's Stephanie Beatriz Shares Why Moving To NBC Has Been So Cool

Brooklyn Nine-Nine well established itself as a hilarious workplace comedy years ago, but the show's move from FOX to NBC has brought on some cool changes.

Will Fans Like How Game Of Thrones Ends? Kit Harington Has Thoughts

HBO's Game of Thrones is coming to an end this year, and fans can't stop trying to figure out how it will wrap up. Now, Kit Harington has some thoughts on how he thinks fans will respond to the finale.

Will Disney+ Be The Only Home For New Live Action Marvel And Star Wars Shows? Here's What ABC's Boss Says

Disney+ has announced some intriguing content focused on the worlds created by Marvel and Star Wars, but does this mean that any new live-action shows from those properties will only be on the new streaming service?

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