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Looks Like The Batman Will Use Penguin As A Villain

Break out your weaponized umbrellas!

Who The New Gods Movie’s Villains Might Be

Some baddies from Apokolips could finally be making their cinematic debut.

How Godzilla: King Of The Monsters Will Tie In With The 1954 Godzilla
Why Unbreakable Works Even Better Now Than When It Was First Released

Not only is Unbreakable one of M. Night Shyamalan's best movies, it also gets significantly better with age.

Disney Is Working On A Live-Action Hunchback Of Notre Dame Movie

Yet another animated Disney movie getting the live action treatment.

Ghostbusters 3 Trailer Teases Horror Influence And The Original Mythology

Yes, less than a day after this project was announced, there's already a teaser.

A New Ghostbusters Movie Is On The Way, And It's Connected To The Originals
Awesome Spider-Man: Far From Home Trailer Easter Eggs Confirm Sandman, Molten Man And More

Mysterio isn't the only villainous figure from the comics stopping by Peter Parker's latest cinematic adventure.

One Big Mysterio Secret We Think Spider-Man: Far From Home Is Hiding

Does the Web-Slinger's next movie have a strange plan for Quentin Beck?

Two New Mission: Impossible Movies Are Confirmed, With A Cool Twist
James McAvoy Didn’t Originally Realize Split Was An Unbreakable Follow-Up

This Shyama-twist initially went over The Horde actor's head.

Deadpool Creator Claims The X-Force Movie Has Been Cancelled

Supposedly X-Force might have met its demise.

There Was A Mini Jurassic Park Reunion At The Critics' Choice Awards
Aaron Sorkin Wants A Social Network Sequel To Happen

A lot has happened at Facebook since the events depicted in the film.

Sarah Paulson’s Glass Character Was Almost Played By A Man

It wasn't always a sure deal to have a woman treating David Dunn, Elijah Price and Kevin Wendell Crumb.

Captain Marvel Producer Confirms An Important Character Appearance

Finally, one persisting question about Carol Danvers' movie has been answered.

Eddie Murphy's Coming To America 2 Just Took A Big Step Forward

The long-awaited sequel moves even closer to becoming a reality.

Every Remake And Reboot Heading To Movie Theaters In 2019

There are plenty of new takes on existing intellectual property to check out in the new year.

What Men In Black: International Will Be About

We finally have some specific plot details to work with.

Without A Host, It Looks Like The Oscars Are Trying To Book The Avengers

Earth's Mightiest Heroes might be coming to the Academy Awards' rescue.

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